Thursday, March 7, 2013

Marathon Memories

Throughout this journey we call running, all of us have learned so much about ourselves and each other. With every race eyes are opened to new and exiting things from how to sleep in one room with 6 girls and one bathroom to how we cope with race nerves, to who snores or who has quirky eating habits. But more importantly we are learning about character, what shapes us, how to be better runners, and most importantly,how to encourage and support each other!

All of us will take something different away from this race. We wanted to share our thoughts and marathon memories with you:

"This race felt really good. I had a great time, literally and figuratively. I ran ahead with Debi, telling her I made no promises to stay ahead with her. I have learned that I simply have to run with someone, so I figured why not see how it feels for a bit to keep a good pace. I remember mile 3, 6, 8, and 10 going by with me saying, "I'm scared to say this, but this feels so good. I'm really enjoying this." When Debi and I parted at mile 10, it was all on me. I knew in my head I could run hard 3 more miles. Finishing feeling good about my own effort was an encouraging moment for me. I was actually proud of myself, and it made all the difference for my own attitude as a runner. That feeling of accomplishment and being proud of how I had "performed" was something I hadn't experienced before, and I hope to never forget it. In the end, I lucked out in having a good running day, because I understand training well for a race, and come race day, just not feeling it."

"I have been rebounding from an injury while training to do the full, and up until race day I still debated in my mind if I should be safe, back down, and run the half, or push it and go for the full and risk re-injuring myself. I decided after the 1st mile that I was going to do the half, but this race I was going for a PR (set a personal record). I have never gone into a race with that mindset. I usually run with whomever and enjoy the ride. This race was about seeing what I was capable of doing. When Jennifer ran ahead with me, I was beyond thrilled!! We had a great race and when we parted at mile 10, I was overjoyed knowing that we were both on our way to a PR. The last 3 miles were a struggle as my muscles were cramping pretty bad, but pushed through and enjoyed some antics with fellow racers. As I crossed that finish line, all I could think was that I had to find Jennifer, once I saw her face I knew it, we both accomplished our goal!!"

"I loved the entire theme of the race and how everything tied together with it! For me, I so enjoyed getting to take it all in, take pictures and enjoy the run with Dawn. Great fun and great memories. It's really the first run we have done that since the blog launched so that made it special for me too."

" I guess I would have to say that I'm glad I ran the half even though I really wanted to run another full. I listened to my body and didn't over do it. I enjoyed every step of the way, ran when I wanted and walked when I needed too. Enjoyed myself and felt good when done. Enjoyed my weekend with my girls! Bottom line... I listened to my body and so glad I did!"

"Weeks before this race we decided that this run would be all about having fun, staying relaxed, injury free and the bling! But, the night before and the morning of I was a nervous wreck and full of self doubt. I had to put my big girls on, give myself a pep talk and remember all the encouraging words I've been so blessed by. Once the race started and we got going I became more relaxed than I've ever been. I remembered why I was out there: to have fun! I danced, hula hooped, stole a bike, got arrested, met some new friends and ran 26.2 miles. It was the most fun and I felt great the entire time!"

"Like Dana said, we had decided weeks ago that this one was just for fun and all about the bling! And that's exactly what it was! Of course, I still had my pre-race jitters but once we got going its the most relaxed race we have ever run. We didn't think about time - we talked most of the 26 miles, we stopped to capture moments, paid more attention to the people and places we passed by, took our picture with the governor and even one with a stranger in front of the capitol (not sure why - he just asked if he could!). We made new friends - Anna and Charles (also from the 901), the pacers we kept seeing along the way, laughed at the wall on mile 23, we ate oranges and pretzels, and cheered for silent spectators along the way. It really was the most fun Dana and I have had for 26.2 miles. And we have a really big medal to prove it."

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

We would love to hear about your some of your favorite race memories!

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