Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let's Go Shopping

Hi Y'all, 

I know I haven't posted in a while, it has been quite a year!! I will share more about all that soon, but...there are more important matters right now! Let's go shopping!!

Here are some of my favorite things.....

I have a love for all things "Fellow Flowers" but this "Be You' shirt is one of my favorites. It's a tech t-shirt so you can run in it or dress it up with jeans for a night out! 

Love jewelry? Check out this gorgeous necklace from Run Molly Run. I just got one and will be reviewing it this week, but I'll let you in on the secret, I absolutely LOVE it!! I got it with my daughter's birthstone to make it even more special!!
Looking for some fun running pants? Check out these Go the Distance running tights from Skirt Sports! So cute!! 
If you are looking for a medal/bib holder check out this board from York Sign Shop. They have so many different and customizable boards and they are great quality too. 

Now, y'all know I am slightly addicted to headbands. My favorite brand by far is Sweaty Bands, they are great quality, don't slip, and some many patterns and colors to match every outfit! This pattern does not disappoint!! 
So how about a few more Fellow Flower favorites!! They put out some of the cutest tees this Fall and their latest Flower, Wildflower is something special!! 
This Raglan tee is super comfy. It runs a little big so adjust accordingly. I got a small (I normally wear a medium) and I have plenty of room. 

The Wild Flower

I pray you all have a safe and happy holiday season!! 

Much Love,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

18 Things Nobody Told You About Running

1. It’s hard…like, really hard. But just like relationships, parenting and figuring out your new iPhone, it gets easier with time. You may even–gasp—start to like it!

2. Clipping your toenails will take precedence over plucking your eyebrows some days.

3. In spite of your childhood hatred of “weird food,” your pantry will be filled with running superfoods you’re not really sure how to pronounce, like quinoa, chia, spirulina and acai.

4. At some point, you will see other runners peeing in public. You will wrinkle your nose at them: EWWW, GROSS!

5. At some point, you, too, will pee in public. You will never judge again.

6. Ditto for snot rockets.

7. When you first start, four miles seems like a lot. One day, you’ll catch yourself telling someone “I only ran four miles today.” Try not to smile smugly when that happens.

8. You’ll wince at a pair of high heels with a $100 price tag, but declare it a bargain if that same tag is on your favorite running shoes.

9. Your laundry basket will smell like a boys’ locker room. You won’t really notice (or care).

10. You’ll geek out at the opportunity to run in the rain, because it’s just that awesome.

11. There will be stretches of days when you don’t feel like running at all. It’s perfectly normal, it’s not a failure, and a few days off does a body good.

12. Like Christmas, you will be wide awake at 2 a.m. on race morning, giggling. Also like Christmas, you will not be allowed to wake anyone in the house up until 5 a.m.

13. Without any prompting on your part, family members, friends and coworkers will take up running, too. They’ll ask all the same questions you had when you started—and this time, you’ll be the one with the answers.

14. The first thing you’ll do when you book a vacation or work travel is look for races and/or cool running routes in the area.

15. “Runger” is real, and it is marvelous. Only pregnant women and runners can truly understand strange cravings at strange times.

16. While running with your friends, you will talk about food, children, current events—everything but running. During cocktail hour with that same group, when you’re showered and wearing “real-world” clothes, all you will talk about, ever, is running.

17. The friends you make through running will become like family.

18. Anyone can do it. (Yes, you!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

Since it is Christmas shopping season, I though I would share with you some things that I have come to love and things that I am secretly wishing for this year:

I am loving this 'Forward is a Pace' tee from Fellow Flowers:

This plush tech hoodie from Athleta looks so cute:

I honestly love my RunningLuv, not only because it was created by a very dear friend but I find it so useful on cold runs and hot ones.
On my shorter runs I carry this Nathan Quick Draw water bottle, I have really come to love it. And the pocket fits my phone even with a case on it. Memphis friends, I got mine at Breakaway Running.
On the run I am pretty particular about what I fuel with. I have found two things that work best for me, Nuun (I love Watermelon and Tri-Berry) and Honey Stingers (Fruit Smoothie is my favorite). I was so excited to see Nuun at Ragnar TN, I had to get this water bottle too! 
Since it is getting colder, I am seriously loving this Nike Pro Hyperwarm sweatshirt:

Do you have any running items on your Christmas list? What are they?


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An awesome GIVEAWAY that also benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Hi Friends!!

I am running the St. Jude Marathon this year as a Hero. This means that I have committed to raising money for St. Jude. 

Why I raise money for St. Jude:
  • Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
  • Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent since it opened in 1962.
  • Because the majority of St. Jude funding comes from individual contributors, St. Jude has the freedom to focus on what matters most – saving kids regardless of their financial situation.
  • I was inspired to run by a patient at St. Jude and while she was once thought to be incurable, she is now living cancer free!!!! Go Lucy Go!

So, I thought I would not only do a special giveaway of some of my favorite brands, but I wanted to actually do some good as well. Here are the goodies:

I am giving away this headband from Sweaty Bands (seriously, how cute is this)! 
And....I am giving away a $30 gift card to use at Sparkle Athletic so you can choose your favorite color! 
So I bet you are wondering how this giveaway will work! Well, for a $5 donation to my Hero page, you get an entry to the giveaway. Not only will you get a chance to win both of these items, you are doing something extraordinary for a charitable hospital that does so much for childhood cancer!! Win, Win!!

Here is the link to the my St. Jude Heroes Page: 

Extra entries go to those who also comment on my Facebook post about the Giveaway. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends next Tuesday, 11/11/14 at 7pm 

Thank you so much! 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A little about me

1. I absolutely hated running growing up. Now I can't imagine life without it!

2. My family is spread out all over the country so to me, my friends are like family.

3. When I am not at work I am in running clothes, always! 

4. It drives me bonkers to end a run on anything other than .00 or .50

5. I love to run in the rain, it makes me feel like a kid again.

6. My hair is really curly, so every day is a bad hair day!

7. I sweat a lot, so that also means I also chafe...a lot.

8. Last year I encountered quite a few setbacks due to injury and a cancelled race, so this year my motto has been "Do Epic Sh!t" (I don't normally cuss, but there is no substitute for that statement)

9. I have to use the restroom at least 4 times before every race start. Seriously!!

10. Running with friends is the equivalent of a Girl's Night Out for me.

11. I started running because I was inspired by a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, that is why I am so passionate about running the St. Jude Marathon. #GoLucyGo

12.  I believe that friends are a blessing and that they should be cherished!

13. When I hear a song I love in the car, I dance and sing to it no matter who sees me.

14. I get so excited when someone tells me about overcoming their farthest distance or achieving a special goal, I want to give them the biggest hug!

15. This is my favorite race picture ever!! 

Do you have any funny running quirks? Tell me something about you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And then there was one...some changes to Girls Run the 901

Friends, I'd like to give you an update on what has been going on with our group.

Life has gotten busy, and some commitments have required more time than it had previously. While each of the girls still have a passion for running and fitness, they do not have the time to commit to Girls Run the 901.

Each of these girls are amazing, and while I am saddened to see them leave, I completely respect their decision. We are all friends, and will still run together and hang out when we can.

It has been decided by the group that I will continue to move forward with Girls Run the 901 on my own. We created this group to celebrate friendships, empower and encourage other runners, while also living life to the fullest (with a little shopping too!). This will absolutely remain the same. I have grown to love interacting with all of you and getting to know you!

I plan to blog more and share my runs, recipes, races, and adventures while still showcasing another amazing women who inspire me.

Moving forward I hope that you will continue to interact with me, because I am definitely here to cheer you on!

More to come soon...


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Girls Update

Hi All! We have not posted much lately on the blog and wanted to give you a brief update on where each of us are at and what life looks like for us.

Girls Run the 901 as a whole continues to be just as passionate about running and physical fitness than when we started the blog a year and a half ago. Each of us are in different seasons of life with running, work, school, our families, and our kids. Each of us has
Stars and Stripes 5k 2014
(missing Jennifer!)
continued to make running and being active a priority in our lives. We still enjoy running races, training, and encouraging new running friends. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to get 6 women all together in one place so the time we are all able to be together is very rare. 

Debi changed jobs earlier this year and had found it challenging to manage a new work schedule and family needs. Now that the dust has settled she is back to training for the St. Jude Marathon and will also be running her dream race in October, Ragnar Tennessee.

For Dana life looks a little bit different for her now in several areas. Undergoing spinal fusion surgery was a game changer in what physical activities her body can handle. She is currently weight training 6 days a week and is only running 3 days per week and looking forward to training for the St. Jude Half marathon. She's also working part time now in real estate which has thrown in it's own set of challenges with time management! But nowadays her motto is no excuses, just have to get it done, no matter what is thrown your way.

Dawn's life has been busy with three teenagers, one starting college and her starting a new job! Her running is not where I would like it, it might be three miles, like tonight or a little long on the weekends! She's just come to the realization this is where I am right now, some is better than none and this time will only last for a little while longer! So it'll be "just a little run" for now!

Janell continues to run, race, and be active as much as she can. After moving earlier this year and her oldest (7) changing to a new school this year, she is still figuring out a good routine (which she loves) and getting it all in! 

For Jennifer, running is fun again! After not running for 5 months, she's easing back onto the crazy train. It doesn't hurt that this Memphis summer came in the mild version instead of hot, but as of now, she's running for fun, and fun looks like getting up in the morning to greet the sun with some miles

Stacey is recovering from a strained calf muscle and spending most of July in a boot. She is juggling work and now two kids in high school to her mileage and pace back to where it was pre-injury. She is looking forward to the St Jude Half and any other race that happens to come her way.
So while our postings have slowed, we just want you to know we are still here. We all have plans to race our favorite race, the St Jude Marathon, and hope to see you there and at upcoming races!

If there is anything that you would like us to write about? Favorite fashion finds, recipes, or questions in general? You are important to us and we want to continue to support you.

We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you soon!