Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A little about me

1. I absolutely hated running growing up. Now I can't imagine life without it!

2. My family is spread out all over the country so to me, my friends are like family.

3. When I am not at work I am in running clothes, always! 

4. It drives me bonkers to end a run on anything other than .00 or .50

5. I love to run in the rain, it makes me feel like a kid again.

6. My hair is really curly, so every day is a bad hair day!

7. I sweat a lot, so that also means I also chafe...a lot.

8. Last year I encountered quite a few setbacks due to injury and a cancelled race, so this year my motto has been "Do Epic Sh!t" (I don't normally cuss, but there is no substitute for that statement)

9. I have to use the restroom at least 4 times before every race start. Seriously!!

10. Running with friends is the equivalent of a Girl's Night Out for me.

11. I started running because I was inspired by a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, that is why I am so passionate about running the St. Jude Marathon. #GoLucyGo

12.  I believe that friends are a blessing and that they should be cherished!

13. When I hear a song I love in the car, I dance and sing to it no matter who sees me.

14. I get so excited when someone tells me about overcoming their farthest distance or achieving a special goal, I want to give them the biggest hug!

15. This is my favorite race picture ever!! 

Do you have any funny running quirks? Tell me something about you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And then there was one...some changes to Girls Run the 901

Friends, I'd like to give you an update on what has been going on with our group.

Life has gotten busy, and some commitments have required more time than it had previously. While each of the girls still have a passion for running and fitness, they do not have the time to commit to Girls Run the 901.

Each of these girls are amazing, and while I am saddened to see them leave, I completely respect their decision. We are all friends, and will still run together and hang out when we can.

It has been decided by the group that I will continue to move forward with Girls Run the 901 on my own. We created this group to celebrate friendships, empower and encourage other runners, while also living life to the fullest (with a little shopping too!). This will absolutely remain the same. I have grown to love interacting with all of you and getting to know you!

I plan to blog more and share my runs, recipes, races, and adventures while still showcasing another amazing women who inspire me.

Moving forward I hope that you will continue to interact with me, because I am definitely here to cheer you on!

More to come soon...