Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Girls Update

Hi All! We have not posted much lately on the blog and wanted to give you a brief update on where each of us are at and what life looks like for us.

Girls Run the 901 as a whole continues to be just as passionate about running and physical fitness than when we started the blog a year and a half ago. Each of us are in different seasons of life with running, work, school, our families, and our kids. Each of us has
Stars and Stripes 5k 2014
(missing Jennifer!)
continued to make running and being active a priority in our lives. We still enjoy running races, training, and encouraging new running friends. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to get 6 women all together in one place so the time we are all able to be together is very rare. 

Debi changed jobs earlier this year and had found it challenging to manage a new work schedule and family needs. Now that the dust has settled she is back to training for the St. Jude Marathon and will also be running her dream race in October, Ragnar Tennessee.

For Dana life looks a little bit different for her now in several areas. Undergoing spinal fusion surgery was a game changer in what physical activities her body can handle. She is currently weight training 6 days a week and is only running 3 days per week and looking forward to training for the St. Jude Half marathon. She's also working part time now in real estate which has thrown in it's own set of challenges with time management! But nowadays her motto is no excuses, just have to get it done, no matter what is thrown your way.

Dawn's life has been busy with three teenagers, one starting college and her starting a new job! Her running is not where I would like it, it might be three miles, like tonight or a little long on the weekends! She's just come to the realization this is where I am right now, some is better than none and this time will only last for a little while longer! So it'll be "just a little run" for now!

Janell continues to run, race, and be active as much as she can. After moving earlier this year and her oldest (7) changing to a new school this year, she is still figuring out a good routine (which she loves) and getting it all in! 

For Jennifer, running is fun again! After not running for 5 months, she's easing back onto the crazy train. It doesn't hurt that this Memphis summer came in the mild version instead of hot, but as of now, she's running for fun, and fun looks like getting up in the morning to greet the sun with some miles

Stacey is recovering from a strained calf muscle and spending most of July in a boot. She is juggling work and now two kids in high school to her mileage and pace back to where it was pre-injury. She is looking forward to the St Jude Half and any other race that happens to come her way.
So while our postings have slowed, we just want you to know we are still here. We all have plans to race our favorite race, the St Jude Marathon, and hope to see you there and at upcoming races!

If there is anything that you would like us to write about? Favorite fashion finds, recipes, or questions in general? You are important to us and we want to continue to support you.

We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you soon!