Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Memphis in May - a taste of BBQ and the tri life

One of the biggest and longest celebrations Memphis has to offer is the entire month of May. Memphis in May is a month long celebration for the local, the national, and the international, for the permanent Memphian and the temporary Memphian.

For foodies, there's the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.
For musicians, the Beale Street Music Festival caters to rockers and hippies alike.
For the traveler, each year the festival represents and promotes the culture of another country.
And for family fun or the refined musician, there is the naturally beautiful Sunset Symphony.

But for the athlete, there is the excitement of the Memphis in May Triathlon Weekend, which includes the Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, and 10K. A triathlon is a combination of three events, swimming, biking, and running. A sprint triathlon only differs in distance from a full race.

This year's Sprint Tri is on Saturday, May 18th, in Tunica, MS. Now I know it's called Memphis in May, but Tunica has hosted the event for several years now, and it seems to be working, and the BBQ can still be smelled from there. Start 2 Finish race management ensures that the standard of southern hospitality is upheld with their experience and standing as the top event organizer of the Mid South. Here, athletes of all ages and experience swim 1/4 mile, bike 12 miles, and run 3 miles.

Sound daunting? It shouldn't! Janell and I (Jennifer) both did it last year as our first taste of the tri life and lived to tell about it. It's a difficult combination for the every-day runner, without a doubt, but it's an incredible experience, and the training is all worth it. I'll speak for the both of us and say that we never got bored in preparing for the race. Run, bike, swim. Bike, run. Swim, bike. Run. It's a great combination that incorporates so many different muscles than those just used when running. And yes, I said, just those muscles used in running, because you don't feel that you don't have them until you try to bike 12 miles on your first ride and then jump off and start running. And, be sure to keep in mind that the only person who can look cool in goggles is Ryan Lochte; every one else looks like this when they get a fist bump from their Dad at the start line:

Not just anyone can handle wearing a "onesie" in front of hundreds of people like we can.

If you're stuck in a weight loss rut, bored with running in circles, or need a new twist for your next challenge, I have to recommend the sprint tri. But if you're not bored with running and you want to up the ante one skill at a time, there is also the Memphis in May 10K, held on the evening of May 17th, also in Tunica.

Memphis in May really is a beautiful thing. It includes the deepest passions of cuisine, music, and athleticism, all very different, but very much related. Become a Memphian this May and take part in all that the city has to offer.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Make it Monday: Healthier Rice Krispie Treats

We love sharing recipes with other mommies and friends and this is one from our friend, Karyn! She is an awesome mom to 3, wife, and runner as well. Thanks so much, Karyn and we hope you enjoy this family favorite!

This is a sweet treat that is sure to please moms, dads and kids alike. It will bring back nostalgic childhood memories for "us" older folks and the kids will never know that they're missing out on all that sugar, partially hydrogenated oil and fat from the original Rice Krispy Treat. GO MOM!

Ingredients to grab:

2 Cups Peanut Butter (I prefer organic with no sugar added)
1.5 T Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Honey (I prefer raw, local honey)
4 cups Organic Brown Rice Cereal (I prefer Erewhon or Nature's Path)
Mini Chocolate Chips (Enjoy Life is dairy, soy, and gluten free)
Organic Unsweetened Coconut (optional)

Place the peanut butter and coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat, stirring occasionally, until melted.
Then add the honey and mix well. 
Remove from heat and use a spatula to combine the mixture with the brown rice cereal. 
Once everything is well incorporated, place the mixture in a 9x13 pan that has either been greased or lined with parchment. (Parchment makes for easier cleanup).
Use the spatula or your hands to "smush" the mixture into the pan. (This is the part my kids LOVE the most).
Then add the chocolate chips or coconut (or both) and "smush" again. 
Place in the refrigerator for approximately 20 minutes to chill.

This is a favorite breakfast around our house with the kids. My oldest son prefers his with coconut and an apple. My daughter and youngest son like their Krispy treat without the added coconut and a banana or clementine orange. I like to eat mine (coconut or no coconut) with green tea and strawberries as a snack before my Tuesday night 4 miler with our local running tribe. It gives me a good little afternoon energy boost! 

Get to baking and let us know how they turn out.

Couple of items to note:
*the organic brown rice cereal can be difficult to find in some regions. I used the gluten free Kellogg's version for that reason. However, there is most likely GMOs in the Kellogg's version so hunt for the better stuff.
*organic brown rice cakes could probably be substituted for the cereal. I just haven't tried it yet.
*organic maple syrup could probably be substituted for the honey. I haven't tried that either but I think an experiment just might be in order.

Recipe credit here and here

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fashion Friday: Let's Go Shopping

So Spring is here and while I know I have tanks, shorts and skirts in my closet, I keep feeling like I have nothing to wear. Know what I mean? So I want to do what every girl does best: SHOP!

Here is what is on my wish list for Spring:

We have PINK 901 hats! Aren't they so fun? These are great because they give you the chance to show your love for the 901 as well as support a great ministry. Let us know if you want one-quantities are limited.

How great is this shirt from Breakaway Running 

Sport's Authority had these goodies, I just love fun tanks!

Nike Women's Tailwind Tank
 Under Armour Women's Charm Seamless Tank Top

These cute shorts are a definite must, love the color!

NIKE Women's Icon Woven 2-in-1 Shorts

NIKE Women's Ego Sculpt KO Print Tank Top

These are from Dick's Sporting Goods:

Nike Women's Printed Pacer Tank
Under Armour Women's Graphic Mesh Run Tank Top
So what are you missing in your closet right now?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Great Local 5k: Eye Opener 5k

Coming up next weekend some of us 901 girls will be participating in this great 5k! We are all about supporting a great cause and a great race. Please join us next Saturday, May 4th at 9 am at Overton Park. 

Eye Opener 5K Run/Walk hosted by the Kyle W Kiihnl Memorial Foundation

May 4, 2013 

 Overton Park Pavilion on East Parkway

 9:00 am

Please join us and Q 107.5 Radio as we have prize giveaways and awards for both runners AND walkers. 
Some of the race perks are:  pre-race aerobic warm up and post-race massage. awesome goodie bags.  activities, games, and face painting for kids and a Jammin' Jammies coolest PJs contest for kids 10 and under!

1 registered participant will take home a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed!
Entry fee is $20 now and $25 the day of the race.
High School students receive a $5 discount.

If unable to attend, you may choose to be a "Spirit Runner" for the same registration fee and still receive a t-shirt.  You may also make a donation on the registration website.
Register as a TEAM.  There is a Team Trophy for the team with the most members.

There will be a balloon release at the end of the event in memory of lost loved ones.

This race is held in memory of Kyle W. Kiihnl, a Houston High School student who was killed when a drowsy driver fell asleep at the wheel AND  in memory of all others in our community who have been affected by a sleep related crash.  Proceeds from the race will benefit Kyle's scholarship fund research and community awareness activities performed by The  National Sleep Foundation.

We thank you for your support in contributing to this endeavor to help raise awareness of the dangers of Drowsy Driving.
Awareness SAVES LIVES!
The event is to honor Kyle Kiihnl and all others that have been injured or lost their lives in a drowsy driving accident and to raise awareness of this problem. 
100% of the 100,000 drowsy driving accidents each year are preventable. 

Please let us know if you will be out there so we can meet up! We would love to see all of you 901 runners there!

Run on vacation? Heck YES!!!

By: Dawn

To run or not, that is the question? When on vacation that is! My husband and I came down to Destin to celebrate our anniversary, 20 years, thank you:) The weather was great and the time alone to reflect on the many years together was even better! We also enjoyed running in a different location. Which made me think about upcoming summer vacations and so many of us being in different places. How do we keep up with what we love...Running, and now biking for some of us!

Here are some thoughts I had, I hope they are helpful:

**Safety is first and foremost!!! If your gut is telling you NO this is not a good place, don't run!! If you have a partner to run with perfect, but if not think of your safety first! If you need to drive somewhere you feel safer, then do that.
**Map out your runs, either drive it or use Map my Run, this great app can help you figure exactly where you are at and how far you want to run. Show your family/friends so they will know where you are.

**The Nike+ app can also be set up so you can be followed on a computer/tablet by your friends or family.

**Know how long you'll be gone so others will know when you will be back. Don't want to make anyone worry for nothing.

**Have your phone with you. If you aren't use to running with your phone get the HB tune it would be great for these kinds of runs. You'll have your phone but it won't be in the way!

**Stay in highly populated areas...the more the merrier I always say!

**Get you a Road ID bracelet. (see our earlier post) These are great to have when traveling as well, Mark and I wore ours.

My sister, the Professional, as I like to call her, wanted me to tell y'all that you could look for local races (5k, 10k, half and full marathons) in the area you are traveling in. She is always looking for the next race! You could do that before you leave or once you get there. That would be fun, a great way to run with a group, and see the town; double bonus, safety in numbers and a cute t-shirt!!!

So no matter where you are at...be safe, have fun and run!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Take Out Tuesday

by Stacey

Heather please email us at girlsrunthe901@gmail.com

Ok, so I can’t really write a "Make It Monday" because I don’t cook that much and when I do, it’s not the healthy recipes these other girls cook. We have two teenage kids and just about every night we have a practice, a game, or something at church; so cooking at home doesn’t always work. So I get to write “Take-Out Tuesday.”

So how can you make smart choices and eat smarter when eating out (or grabbing to go)?
  • For starters, choose water over sweat tea, soda, or even alcoholic drinks - you are simply drinking your calories. They say that carbonated drinks slow your metabolism, cokes can clean toilets, diet coke can cause cancer and stomach fat ... do you really want to fool with it? Not too mention the cost of a drink at a restaurant is ridiculous! 
  • Watch the complimentary bread basket (a major weakness for me!) and the pre-meal chips and salsa. Just because they don’t cost you anything doesn’t mean they are (fat) free.
  • When looking at the menu avoid foods that are crispy, creamy, fried, or breaded. Look for foods that are grilled, steamed, or baked. 
  • Stay away from burgers - especially those smothered in cheese and other stuff! 
  • Check out the salads but buyer beware there too - some can be more fattening than a 
burger and fries! When ordering a salad limit the cheese, meat, and creamy dressings and try things like eggs, veggies, and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. The dressing will get you every time - ALWAYS order your dressing on the side ... dip your fork before taking a bite of salad. By doing this you can control how much dressing you actually eat. Oh, if it comes in an edible bowl - don’t eat it! 
  • I am a big sandwich fan - Lenny’s especially. I usually stick with the Turkey Kaiser (half the calories of a sub), I’d like to say I get wheat ... but not a fan, but I always substitute mustard for mayonnaise. Of course your toppings matter and you can always leave off the cheese. 
  • Before you go eat, check the restaurant menu on the web. Many will list the nutritional values for their menu. Decide on your order a head of time and stick to it. [Have to admit in my research, I discovered my favorite eat-out salad is the most fattening on the menu! Very sad about that! Will keep them anonymous.] 
  • One of my personal favorite ways to watch what I eat out - split it! Half the calories, half the fat, and half the cost. Everybody wins … So celebrate the victory and split dessert too!!  
  • If you have kids, chances are you will end up at a fast food restaurant - I have included some options for you to consider.
 McDonalds – McDouble – One of the lightest double-patty cheeseburgers out there. 390 calories | 19 g fat (8 g saturated; 1 g trans) | 890 mg sodium

Papa Johns - The Works - (2 slices, original crust)
 - As pizzas topped with "everything" go, this is as good as it gets – get your meat and your veggies too. 460 calories | 18 g fat (8 g saturated) | 1,300 mg sodium

Wendy’s - Original Frosty (small)
 - When you crave a chocolate shake – found out the Frosty is the leanest option out there! Wow, who knew? 300 calories | 8 g fat (5 g saturated) | 42 g sugars

Arby’s - Super Roast Beef Sandwich - 
Arby's replaces the beef patty with roast beef, which cuts a lot of the fat. 430 calories | 17 g fat (5 g saturated, 0.5 g trans) | 1,060 mg sodium

Chick-Fil-A - Stick with Grilled Chicken … lots of options there.


All that said … seriously, if you just busted out your long run - reward yourself and order what you want!

What about you, how do you eat out smart? What is your favorite reward food (can’t be a healthy treat – it’s a splurge)?


For you "Make It Monday" recipe fans – Use this homemade dressing to cut the calories in your Caesar Salad ... (from wholefoodmarket.com)


  • 2/3 cup (about 5 ounces) firm silken tofu 
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons light soy or chickpea miso
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 
  • 2 cloves garlic

Ground black pepper to taste 
Put all ingredients into a blender and purée until smooth.
Nutritional Info: 
PER SERVING: Serving size: about 2 tablespoons, 25 calories (5 from fat), 0.5g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 140mg sodium, 3g carbohydrate (0g dietary fiber, 1g sugar), 2g protein

[disclaimer: I am not a Caesar Salad fan and I have never tried this recipe :)]

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's talk Cycling

We have a special edition of Make it Monday coming to you tomorrow, as well as announcing the winner of our giveaway! Make sure to check back! Today, I wanted to talk cycling with you. Some of us 901 girls have recently started some triathlon/duathlon training or retraining. We are excited about changing it up and trying some new things. 

With my recent issue with my leg that I spoke about here, I have looked into some other ways to stay active and crosstrain. Although I trained a bit last year on a bike to do the Memphis in May Triathlon, I haven’t been consistent with cycling. Little did I know that “Biking is hands down the best cross-training complement to running. It roughly simulates the motion of running and can actually help you improve your leg speed. While running benefits calves and hamstrings, it largely ignores the front leg muscles that biking helps: the quadriceps and (if you use toe clips) the shins. By strengthening the muscles opposite those exercised by running, biking helps you improve running performance and avoid injury” (article link here)

Well that’s all I needed! A few weeks ago, I went into Bikes Plus. Let me just say I was a little intimidated to go in since my experience with a bike is largely the one I ride with a seat for a child on the back! From the start, they were completely helpful and wanted to inform me on how to make the best decision when it comes to a bike. I asked a lot of questions and they gave a lot of answers. They fitted me for my size, just like at a running store. After taking a number of measurements to get just the right  fit, they showed me my options. And this is what I ended up with (love the purple!):
Giant Avail 

I am so excited to learn more about my bike and receive the benefits that cycling gives. I plan to attend the women’s only ride on Monday nights at Bikes Plus Germantown and would love for you to join if you are interested. All levels are welcome! We will be there tonight-6 pm! 

There are also a number of rides in the Memphis area for all levels-very beginner to more advanced through Memphis Hightailers. This is the the cycling equivalent to the Memphis Area Runners Track Club (MRTC). We have great, local clubs here in Memphis! 

It will be something new for me and I am excited about new routes, new people and new experiences  "In terms of fitness benefit, three or four miles of biking equals about a mile of running. The real trick is to find a place where you can really push your pace enough to get your heart rate up as high as you would with a run." 

Hope to see you out there soon. Again, if this is something that you might be interested, please don't be intimated. There are some new things to learn, but has we have learned so much in the recent week, the community of runners and cyclers are more than happy to help out a newbie!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion Friday GIVEAWAY: It's just not your average pocket tee!

This week's giveaway does not have anything to do with running, it's just so cute, we love ours and wanted to share with some of our favorite people!

Dana Davis, is a native girl of the 901, one of my oldest and dearest friends and also one of the most amazing merchandisers I know. She comes up with these great ideas from baseball and military style hats to groovy pocket T-shirts, she even gives me some great new ideas for my business (that's another a story for another day).

Dana is a stay at home wife and mom but is hardly at home. She has three kids and is always on the go. Her business, which started out as something to do while the kids were at school, things to share with friends, and items she would sell at local craft shows just so we could spend time together, has become much more. Her husband lost his job and she began to get busy and her little kitchen table designs helped sustain them until he found another job. 

Dana continues to do the small crafts shows but you can now find her great designs, of one of a kind T-shirts ($22) and hats ($20-$30) in local stores in the 901,601 and beyond!
She has just start doing these really cute pocket tees for the spring and of course we all had to get one and are sporting them and wanted you to have one too!

They are super comfy and can be worn with a skirt for a bit dressier look or with shorts/leggings to run errands. You can pick the fabric for your pocket and color of tee for a one of a kind look. Then personalize it with a monogram of your choice!

So hurry and enter to win!! You can see all her great designs on her Facebook page (dana davis).

Thank you Dana for supporting the Girls Run the 901!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Heaviest Cup of Tea I Ever Drank

A few weeks ago Memphis's local running store Breakaway hosted a special class to teach and introduce runners to Krav Maga self defense training. A wise runner knows that there are certain dangers to running through the park after dark, being on an unfamiliar route for the first time, zoning out with music blaring straight into your ears, running in all black at night, or simply being a woman in general. If you're doubting your wisdom as a runner after reading that list, please take a moment to consider how those things affect your awareness and safety.

Krav Maga is a system of self-defense moves and techniques developed in Israel to aid their national defense fighting forces. Krav Maga is not a sport, but a system based on principles and concepts. It also happens to be a very teachable set of techniques for women and men alike to gain a foundation on how to carry yourself in a confident way and defend yourself, should circumstances come to that.

I personally don't condone fighting. Call me a hippie or a pacifist, but my heart feels that being a peacemaker is a top priority. I also recognize that the world in which we live is not ideal, which is one of the ways I justify and encourage learning self-defense. 

But of course, it's also an incredible workout. Simply being in good shape and taking care of your body makes you a weapon, or at the very least makes you harder to target. Let me be honest for a minute. If I were to attack someone, I can think of a list of people I would never pick as my target: a runner, because they're too hard to catch; someone with obvious muscle tone, because I can't even win at arm wrestling; or bossy, annoying people, because once you kidnap them you're stuck with them. Obviously I haven't watched enough movies or TV to really develop a good list or reasonings, but I truly believe that you are less of a target and also more able to defend yourself when you are healthy. 

So, being a woman in today's world and always being up for something new, I am trying out two weeks of Krav Maga. Two classes in and I'm loving it. It's hard, but I really enjoy the challenge, the variety, and the skills that are available to learn. Punching and kicking people is fun, too. Like any work out I do, I was sweating and starting to feel like jello towards the end of my 1-hour fitness class. The class was hard, no doubt, but then it was over, and I was curious as to whether is was one of those "hard while you're doing it but once it's over, it's over" kind of things. As I tried to turn the steering wheel of my car to pull of of the parking lot, I quickly came to the realization of what I had just done. I made it home, fixed a pot of tea, and could barely lift the cup to my lips. Now that's a good feeling, the good kind of exhausted.

Mid-South Krav Maga offers general fitness classes, kickboxing classes, and several levels of defense training. Truly a mind and body training. I really encourage runners, Memphians, women, anyone to take a few classes, even if just for the basics.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Importance of the RIGHT Running Shoes

As most of you know, we have an amazing local running store here in Memphis, Breakaway Running. We wrote a blog post a while back on getting fitted for shoes but also want to share because there is so much more to it! Our friend, Barry from Breakaway was kind enough to help us out with this one! 


Thanks for your question! Running in the proper shoe for you is extremely important!  Most runners take approximately 1500 steps per mile exerting 3.5-4 times their body weight worth of impact force with step.This is why the majority of running issues come from the ground up including foot, ankle, knee hip, lower back and shin splints.  Most of these issues have some relationship to your running shoes.  Most folks run on relatively hard, unforgiving surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.  Your bones and joints must deal with the impact force that your shoes don't.  Obviously as individuals, we are all unique in many ways including our specifics needs for the proper running shoes.  The size and shape of our bodies (including our feet) and our individual gait patterns dictate the type of running shoe that we need.  Our gait patterns vary widely, with some folks over-pronating or rolling excessively inward while some do the opposite. Most folks are heel strikers while some are mid-foot strikers. 

There are different types of running shoes to accommodate these different gait patterns as we have shoes with varying levels of support called neutral, stability, minimal and motion control shoes to accommodate  these needs.  With many manufacturers making many different lasts (shoe shapes), cushioning systems, arch heights and "heel to toe" ratios there are shoes available to fit pretty much anyone with a desire to run.  Comfort, however, is always the main factor.  If the shoes don't feel good then they're not going to work no matter what other criteria they may meet. 

Breakaway's Extensive Shoe Collection
Please note that color is not a key factor in the functionality of the proper shoes!  With all of these factors being important in proper running shoe selection it is extremely important to be properly fitted by an experienced, knowledgeable shoe fitter when selecting your shoes. Multiple methods may be used to analyze your individual gait pattern including  the shoe fitter watching you run and walk, and checking the wear pattern on your old shoes (that never lies). It is very important that the shoe fitter understands what they are seeing as well as have the product knowledge to match you with the appropriate selections.  
Old Shoes Tell How You Run
 At Breakaway we go a step farther by giving a 30 day "wear test" with the shoes we sell. If you don’t think your shoes are living up to your expectations, we’ll actually trade them for a different pair.  Just another reason to shop local! Internet sellers don't fit shoes nor do they support local running events and training.  Supporting your local running store helps to ensure that we’ll be here the next time you need to be fitted.

Let me know if you need further information!

Happy Trails,

Barry Roberson

Running shoe fitter since 1977
owner, Breakaway Running

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our hearts go out to those in Boston

Our hearts are heavy in the wake of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. We truly cannot fathom what the runners, family members, friends, volunteers, photographers, and police are going through, but our thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to them.

It was a surreal moment to hear about and then see footage of the esteemed Boston Marathon, just hours after sharing the joy and excitement of watching an inspirational race and finish of the women's winner, Rita Jeptoo.

By no coincidence to the Boston Marathon events, the 901 Girls also registered for one of their next marathon hours after the news broke. I noticed in myself, a tinge of fear I never imagined I'd have registering for a race. For less than a second I questioned myself, as to whether it was wise to run marathons anymore. But we cannot live our lives in fear. We find joy, discipline, and hope in running, and we will continue to run marathons as a result of that. We will run them now, however, with solemn thoughts and gratefulness that we are still able to do so.

For anyone who is still trying to check on a friend or loved one, check Breakaway's Facebook page for Memphians who are safe and accounted for.

Make it Monday with guest blogger, Meredith!

Today, we have a special Make it Monday. Meredith is friend of ours and a girl I (Janell) have known since Jr High. We weren't connected as much through high school and college, but connected again in the last year or so over our common interest, running. She is a wife, mom to 2, works full time and still manages to be awesome and fit her work outs in. She has a blog as well and we are so excited she is joining us today! Thank you, Meredith!

Hey y'all!
I am so excited the girls are sharing their little slice of the interwebs with me!! They are all such amazing
women who inspire us, but also take time out of their everyday lives to pass on helpful knowledge.
Well my name is Meredith and I blog over at My Own Little World. You can find me talking about all kinds of randomness over there but today I wanted to share with you how I came to love running.
That's why we are all here right? Running deets!

In December of 2010 I had my second child. Like any mother just having had a baby I was relishing in every second with my newborn but the time soon came where I also wanted to shed some elbee's and have some alone time. I craved it and needed something that was mine.

Lucky for me, soon after returning from maternity leave, my employer gifted us gym memberships. For the first couple months I lived on the elliptical and had a walking routine down pat on the treadmill. I even tried some weights here and there. My point here was that I was exercising, but not at my full potential.
Several times a week a group of us would walk over to the gym at lunch to workout. One particular day I remember my boss telling me that while walking on the treadmill(on a high incline I might add) is good, but if I really wanted to push myself I should try running. I was so scared. I thought to myself "ummmm....do I really want to push myself?" I honestly don't think that I did. At this point we actually went outside and he made me run. I say that he MADE me run because I literally was crying like a baby in protest. But being the competitive and proud person I am, I did it. We ran down to a light pole and stopped. I thought I was dying. We did it again. I thought I would pass out. We did this a few more times and I realized, "I'm not dead!"
Each day afterwards I would try a little farther without stopping. Most days it was the length or two of mailboxes in my neighborhood until one day I ran an entire mile without stopping.

It was slow.
It was ugly.
I felt like I might hurl.
But at the same time I felt like I could take on the world.

Each week brought new challenges and with actually getting better at running I decided I should sign up for a 5k. I had WALKED a number of 5k's in the Memphis area but never had I actually RUN one.

At the time I had been following the story of Lucy Krull. You can read about her story HERE andHERE. I had a spot in my heart for little Lucy. I have a daughter so close to her age and I wanted so badly to be a part of something that might help her and children like her.

On May 21, 2011 I RAN the GO Lucy GO 5k and ran it without stopping. My time was 32:09. I WAS HOOKED. I felt like a million bucks. I wanted to do more. I HAD to do more!

Since then I have run 27 races which include 5k's, 4 milers,10k's, and 10 milers. Some races I have even managed to place in my age group! How cool is that?? I have also run 5 half marathons. My 2013 New Year's Resolution is to run a FULL marathon!

When runner's say this thing we do called running is a mental game we aren't lying. It literally is 90% mental. Your head and your body WILL NOT always agree. Sometimes you have to lead with your heart. If you have heart and determination then you

I have dealt with good runs, bad runs and even injurys. Sometimes it's not fun and it is definitely not always pretty, but I can guarantee that the feeling of accomplishment you have crossing that finishline or passing that one mile marker is better than anything you could have imagined!

This Coming Saturday I will be running the Go Lucy Go 5k for the 3rd time. It's my Runniversary(and it just so happens to be my wedding anniversary)!
Come out and run with me and and The 901 Girls!

Since it is Make it Monday, here is a yummy apple dip recipe:
I use about 1/2 cup Fage Greek Yogurt(any yogurt will do) Vanilla is best.
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Spoonfull of Natural PB
1 Splash of Flax seed or Chia seeds(optional)
Couple dashes of cinnamon(optional)
Mix and use as dip for apple slices!

Thanks for reading and Happy Running Y'all!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: Nutrition on the Run

As a runner, your diet is important not only for maintaining good health, but also to promote peak performance. Proper nutrition and hydration can make or break a workout or race, and also greatly affects how runners feel, work and think. Runners should fuel their bodies on runs lasting longer than 90 minutes. We'd like to share our favorite "fuel"!

For Hydration, we love Nuun! It's lighter than most sport's drinks which tend to taste thick and sugary, Nuun is lightly flavored water without a sugary taste.

Chomps offer a change of pace from gels and an answer to that moment in your run…. when you just gotta have something to chomp on. Chomps utilize the same  ingredients as gels for carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes in a chewable form. Our favorite flavors are Pink Lemonade Chews and Watermelon Chomps.

And then, there is GU!! GU is simple. Simple is fast. Simple to take, simple to digest, GU Energy Gel provides just what you need for premium exercise fuel and none of the extras that slow you down. Our favorite flavors are the Island Nectars Roctane, Lemon Sublime and Tri-Berry.

So there you have it, our must have's for the long run!!

So what do you use as "fuel" for your run? 
What are your favorite flavors?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Go Lucy Go 5K

In the midst of 5K season,  we'd like to bring your attention to a very special race. The third annual Go Lucy Go 5K is scheduled for Saturday April 20th in Covington,TN (this is only 1 hr away from Memphis). Not only is this a fun 5K that benefits an amazing Foundation, there is a 1 mile fun run for the kids.

Two years ago, a 5 year old girl named Lucy Krull was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma (brain and spine cancer), this race was created to help offset her family's medical costs. The family has since created the Go Lucy Go Foundation and have transitioned this race into a fundraiser for LeBonhuer Children's Hospital. LeBonheur is the preeminent children's hospital in our region and it is there that Lucy received first class medical care that has saved her life more than once.

According to Lucy's Mom, Kate "Lucy's journey has been filled with mountains and valleys.  The highs have been great but the lows have been VERY low.  The support that our family received from our community and across the nation helped sustain us during the darkest days.  The creation of the Go Lucy Go Foundation is our way of paying forward what was done for us."

"The Go Lucy Go Foundation's goal is to provide financial assistance to families whose child has been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  We help with the non medical related expenses that families are faced with: food, lodging, transportation, house payments, utilities, etc.  After having lived this hard life for two years we know all too well the toll that cancer takes on the whole family.  The Foundation was created in an effort to assist these families through the first few months of treatment."

**What makes our race different is that we are very child focused.  While we have a great (and challenging) route planned for the adults, we like to pay special attention to the kids.  After all, we wouldn't have a race with Lucy!  We have a live children's band called The Frenzies, 2 massive bouncy houses, face painting and a "tattoo parlor."  We also have some of the best race food around!**

So far the Go Lucy Go Foundation has raised over $25,000 that has been donated to LeBonheur.  The next goal is to raise $50,000 to purchase equipment for the new Neuro ICU that was recently opened at LeBonheur. 

Race : Go Lucy Go 5k
Date : April 20th
Time: 9:00am  Children's Fun Run to follow. 
Location: Covington High School -- Covington, TN 

So please join me, Debi, in running this 5K! It is a well organized and fun race for the whole family that will benefit LeBonheur. The Go Lucy Go Foundation has provided so much help to families stricken by childhood cancer already, let's help them continue by making this the largest race turnout so far!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There's Something Wrong with Us

You've seen the signs, literally.

Marathoners and half marathoners alike pass by the sane spectators holding up homemade signs that say:

I could write an entire post about the hilariously encouraging and inappropriate race signs that can be seen along the sidelines, but I'm trying to stage an intervention here. 

The first step is to admit it. You're crazy. 

I'm crazy. 

"Oh, I love running!" "I don't want to run anymore for a while." "I just wish I could get out there and run!" "I am not a runner. I hate it." "It's so fun! You feel great!" "Running is hard. And boring."

I personally have said all of those things. Those are obviously not the words of a mentally stable person. I'm either doing something I hate or not doing what I love. It's simply inexplicable. What's even crazier is that I'm not the only one. In fact more and more people just like me learn they are this way every day.

Meet Melissa 

Melissa is a 17 year old high school senior who is beginning to embrace her inner runner. I can't diagnose her as full blown crazy, but she has some of the initial symptoms. For her, "running is a serious love/hate relationship. Thinking about doing it, when I first start to run or work out, and the soreness I feel when I'm done makes me absolutely loathe it. With that being said, I love the energy I feel afterwards, I love how I feel about myself when I'm done, I love the sense of accomplishment I get, and I love just focusing on one foot in front of the other hitting the pavement and not worrying about anything else."

I love Melissa's story of how she got started, because it's so relevant to most people's lives and tendencies. She admits that she's always "liked the idea of running" but never thought she could do it. She also shared with me that she has been very self-concious about how she looks when she runs. But I am more than happy to also say that these things did not stop Melissa from starting or continuing to run! 

She began with finding a Couch to 5K application on her iPod, but she let it sit there and taunt her for months before she finally gave it a shot. On her first try, she went all out for the sprint, and was quickly discouraged by her inability to maintain it. And with a discouraging first try, she was put off for a few weeks at the idea of running. But did she stop, NO! Melissa jumped on the best pace keeper known to man, the treadmill. A few days a week after school, she would walk at home on her treadmill, slowly gaining speed with each walk. Allowing herself to adjust to faster paces incrementally also boosted her confidence that she can run and improve along the way.

Melissa got the courage to get out there and "run" again. And although she says, "It's not really running, and it's not even a fast jog, but it's doing something, and I love how accomplished I feel when I'm done. I've definitely realized that it doesn't matter how fast you are as long as you're passionate about just doing the best you can. It's not easy, and this is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it's oh so worth it!"

With a testimony like this one, Melissa is on her way to running success, and she's making a great case for herself to be just as crazy as the rest of us. She's also mulling over the idea of a 5K, and I'm pretty sure with a little encouragement, she's might be insane enough to try it.

Know the signs. Check yourself often. If people call you crazy, if the stores in which you shop sell shirts that say "crazy", or if people make signs for others doing the same thing you're doing, you just may be crazy. And if you're going to be off your rocker, you might as well be running.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Make it Monday: Quinoa Cups

This week's "Make It Monday" recipe is adapted from Iowa Girl Eats. This breakfast treat is so yummy, that my family has me make variations of this every week. These little cups are light and tasty and paired with a banana are the perfect quick breakfast treat.


Mini Turkey & Cheese Quinoa Cups


2 cups cooked quinoa (about 3/4 cup uncooked)
2 eggs
2 egg whites
1 cup zucchini, shredded
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1/2 cup ground turkey sausage
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
2 Tablespoons parmesan cheese
2 green onions, sliced
salt & pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix to combine. Liberally spray a mini muffin tin with non-stick spray and spoon mixture to the top of each cup. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the edges of the cups are golden brown. Let cool for at least 5 minutes before removing from the mini muffin tin.

Once cooled, store in a tupperware in the fridge. Reheat the cups for 20 seconds or eat them cold.

For variations, I have swapped the cilantro for parsley or basil. The zucchini can be swapped for yellow squash, mushrooms, etc., and you can try out many different cheeses like swiss, gouda or mozzarella, and the turkey can be exchanged for ham or bacon.

What is your favorite quick fix breakfast?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashion Friday: Spring is in the Air

Happy Friday Everyone!!! And welcome to Spring!!!

Those of us in the 901 have been experiencing quite a bit of rain lately and today we are ecstatic to see the sun again along with the warmer spring-like temperatures. Seriously, we are SO ready to hit those streets and/or trails and RUN!!!!

So what are you going to bust out of hibernation this weekend for that outdoor run? Or are you going to buy something new?

Here are some of the things we will be sporting this weekend: