Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The chafe made me do it!

Have you ever headed out for a run in a great mood, so excited to be hitting the trails, and shortly after realize that due to a poor choice in clothing, your run is ruined due to skin irritation?

Have you ever chafed? The burn of your skin due to friction. 

Normally I would never share with you my issues with chafing, but feel the need to in an effort to prevent you from experiencing the pain and irritation that comes from chafing.

As runners, we are all different, so "if you chafe" can be as common as "where you chafe." If you tend to sweat a lot, whether due to amount of time working out or if its in your genes tends to be in correlation with how much you chafe. Yes there are items such as Body Glide that can minimize the irritation, but for some (like me) you need something stronger, or some places require different products.

My skin irritation changes location just like the changing of the season. Warmer weather leads to skin irritation under my arms since I always wear tanks, and on top of my shoulders if I carry a camel-back. Cooler weather leads to irritation on my neck from my shirts. It may surprise you that you can chafe during times of cooler temps but layers can hold sweat and make the chafe worse. Also more clothes could mean chaffing in areas you usually don't. And year round I experience irritation and scarring along by bra line from either my sports bra or my heart rate monitor.

Some days I can figure out how to cover these sensitive spots and have a painless run, but more often than not, when I get into the shower after a long run I learn quickly the areas I missed and experience pain that no one should bear.

So how do you outsmart the chafe? Here are some things that I have found:

For the bra line and HR Monitor area: Nexcare Waterproof dressing (basically a bandaid)

For under side of the arm, BodyGlide works for short runs. This does wear off, that is why it is only good for a few miles.

But for any run longer than 5 miles, I need something more. I went to our local running store Breakaway Running and asked them for help, They recommended Skin Sake. I am so thankful, it has worked the best. I use it on my neck, arms, thighs and anywhere else that's needed. Best part, is their sample pack, I can stash one in my pocket to reapply mid-run if needed.
Memphis Runners, Skin Sake will have a booth at the St. Jude Marathon Expo. Bonus!!

(*Note, we were not asked to give this review, this is honestly what I have found to work the best.)

We all want running to be pain free, hopefully these items can help you avoid any discomfort from the chafe!


  1. Bless your heart. I saw this blog title and knew you were the writer behind it. You're sweet to pass along all your knowledge!

    1. Oh Cecilia, you know all too well about my "issues' lol!