Thursday, November 7, 2013

Running through Daylight Savings time

By: Janell

Daylight Savings time can affect us runners in a lot of different ways. Some love it, giving us earlier daylight in the morning and some have a hard time adjusting to the shorter days. For me, I have a hard time adjusting (and liking) the 'fall back' daylight savings time. As if I don't feel like there are enough hours in the day already, for some reason the earlier darkness always leaves me feeling like I have fewer hours to be productive and the days feeling shorter. I love having time to be outside and 'play' after dinner and before bed time but I am trying to make the best of being inside when we get home. Last night, our family even broke out a work out video and all started together...even though i was alone at the end it was great to see the kids having fun and us doing it together.

For some of us, our days don't look much different. For those of us that run at night it just means gearing up with reflective gear for an outside run or heading to the gym for a run the treadmill. For those of us who run the morning, it just means we have some light a little earlier.

For running at night, fall daylight savings can make a run logistically difficult. So, I try to look for the positive. The darkness and great partner can make a night run feel more adventurous and fun. I remember particular run Debi and I took last year at night on the Wolf River trails in the evening that just felt so enjoyable. There is something about running through the quiet of the night, hearing your footsteps on the ground, that can make it relaxing and enjoyable (really!).

Like we talked about a few weeks ago with helpful hints from Barry at Breakaway Running, we want to take whatever safety measures we can when running. In addition to those tips, we want to always be wearing reflective clothing at night as well as a headlamp or Knucklelights if needed. I use the Petzl Tikka Plus and love it.

What are you feelings are daylight savings time? Does it change anything for you or does your routine remain the same?

We love to hear your ideas and tips on how to 'Run through Daylight Savings'.

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