Monday, November 11, 2013

Make It Monday - this covers ALL the vegetables

This unnamed beauty of a recipe is about the healthiest thing to come out of my kitchen. As I put the top on the crockpot, I stood in amazement that so much nutrition could be in one place. I will warn you that this is a meat-less dish, but it is protein packed!

This vegetable soup requires no prep, and more than likely, you already have most of the ingredients in the freezer. In case you do have to go to the store, you have to hit up 2 aisles: frozen food and beans.

Here's what you need:

3 cups of frozen corn
2 cups of "milk" (soy, hemp, almond, actual milk; you can milk anything these days)
4 cups of frozen, choped kale ( I could only find "folded" kale, and it worked just the same; these hippies.)
2 cups of frozen broccoli
2 cups of frozen oriental vegetables
2 cups of carrot juice
3 cups or 2 15oz cans of beans - any kind. (I recommend always rinsing or washing your beans off before using them. This gets rid of some extra sodium, as well as lessening the not-so-pleasant effect beans can have on a person)
Season to taste with salt/pepper, cavendars, etc. (This step is important, or you will just pour hot sauce on it in the end.)


Place in crockpot. Be sure crockpot is turned on. Cook on high for 3 hours.

Disclaimer: I have gotten in enough trouble already from my poor, starving husband for serving meat-less meals. There's wiggle room with every recipe, especially this one. If you're married to an insatiable carnivore too, or you are one yourself, throw in some chicken breast or shrimp along with everything else.

So easy, and so good. Enjoy a hot meal after a cool run!


  1. Good recipe! I've been into soup a lot lately.

    1. Thank you Alexis, it looks so simple and yummy, can't wait to try it as well!