Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am thankful for my Girls!

By: Dawn

Three years ago when I started running I was inspired by my health and the need to take better care of myself! My sister, Stacey, our Marathon Momma, always tried to get me to run but never thought I could. Finally,  I got off my booty and hit the streets with my man and the rest is history! 

A year ago Stacey said she and some girls, whom I knew were going to run the Chicago Marathon and ask if I wanted to join them, I said, "No way! I can't run a marathon!" I was hearing how much fun they were going to have, and me being the girl all about fun couldn't stand it, so I caved and decided to do it! The race was full!! God shut the door but secretly I was glad! I'll just go along for the ride, the fellowship and I'll have fun cheering them on, then the phone call came! My cousin, Kristy had gotten into the Kona Ironman the week after the race and was not going to be able to run, so we were able to transfer her bib. That was where Girls Run the 901 came from, a great weekend with my girls! 

So, I am thankful for my Girls of the 901! These ladies may not be the inspiration to the start of my running hobby...they are my inspiration to keep running! Thank you to my favorite running girls!

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  1. Love hearing how and why people begin running :)