Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: Braving the Cold

If it's cold in Memphis, it's safe to say it's cold most everywhere in the US. It seems that the Bluff City is usually one of the last places to get permanently cold. Whether you feel like the lower temps are a deterrent to your run or mother nature's best gift to runners, not actually being cold during your run is a common goal of most cold-weather runners. And as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Earlier this week, our friends over at Breakaway Running posted a few incredible tips on their Facebook page about cold weather running. Here is the post if you missed it.  Check it out now!

Here a few more creative ways to help you get out the door AND stay warm while you're gone:

- Sleep in your running clothes. This trick aims to avoid taking off warm clothes and putting on cold ones. If your house is cold, there's nothing worse than changing clothes in what feels like a freezer.
-Put your clothes in the dryer. There are many reasons you may not wan to sleep in your running clothes, but you still don't have to put them on cold. Throw your glacial garments in the dryer to warm up!
- Sleep with your clothes under your pillow. Along the same lines as the previous ideas, why not put on your warmed clothes while you're still IN the bed. It's just one step closer to getting ready without getting up.
-Run with Hot Hands. Whether you're wearing gloves or not, you can hold these small reminders of warmth in your hands or make good use of any and all pockets.
- Cover yourself. Ears, head, face, hands, feet, core. If it gets cold, cover it. There are no rules. No one will judge you for running in a scarf and smartwool socks. They'll just be impressed that you're running.
-Layer with undressing in mind. Be thoughtful in your layering. You may get out there and find you're warmer than you want to be. Dress to undress.
- Remember to hydrate and fuel. When  it’s cold out, it’s easy to overlook your fluid and fuel needs. There is no need to forgo hydration to be “fast” to get it done and back inside. 

Also, here are a few pieces of cold gear we like that will help you brave the run:

Nike Elite Storm Tech-Fit
(touch screen compatible)

C9 Champion Headband
(with a ponytail hole)

Base Layers:

Under Armour Cold Gear Compression Leggings

Nike Women's Pro Hyperwarm Crewneck Long Sleeve Tee


Lululemon Star Runner Pullover

Nike Women's Thermal Running Pants

Top Layer:

Brooks Women's Adapt Vest

 What are some of your favorite pieces to run in when it gets cold? What tricks do you use to keep going when it's cold?


  1. Lol, my son now uses mine as "riding" gloves, well wait he was using them as that, he's lost one 😤 good thing I don't need them 😝
    But they will keep your hands warm 😊

  2. Since this is my first winter as a runner, I was waiting for and looking forward to this post!

  3. I love that vest! Lululemon just released an awesome vest also. I've never run in a vest but I think I need to give it a try!