Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What happens once the race is over?

This is a picture of Stacey and Dana last year as they were finishing the St. Jude Marathon, isn't it just the sweetest? They are not just friends that meet once in a while for a run, they are partners.

We have heard so many stories lately of people meeting new friends in running groups and finding that their pace is the same and deciding to run a race together.  We love hearing these stories!

Personally, I have been so lucky to have experienced it too, with Cecilia. Each week I get to spend at least 3 hours with a special friend, running, talking, laughing, you name it. It makes the miles go by so much faster, with little notice to the soreness that comes with the increase in mileage. I cherish these runs, and look forward to them every week.

The other day I got to thinking, what happens once we cross the finish line? Will we still run together? Will our Saturday morning excursions come to an end?

The picture above came to mind, and I started thinking about our girls. They have run together for years. But for the time being, Dana will not be able to run, walking is a struggle right now. She has a long road to recovery. But last Sunday, Stacey and her walked 3.1 miles together that day. A virtual 5K of their own!

So what happens at the end of a race when you cross a finish line with a running buddy? You plan for your next race, and then the next. 

Running together does not have to end at the finish line, it is just the beginning!!


  1. I am a lone runner but I loved this post. These pictures nearly made me tear up. Continued prayers for Dana!!!

    1. Dana will be back, we have no doubt about that. We will all be praying for a speedy recovery for her. You know how hard it is to be injured, it's her determination to get back out there that'll get her there.

      As for you, Wow! You are amazing! You are rocking this marathon training!!

    2. Thank you again Meredith:) you really are going to kill that marathon! You're doing awesome! And thanks to you too Debi! Thanks for believing in me:)