Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Six Girls, One Journey

Some of you may wonder how the Girls Run the 901 got started. It was a simple idea, a text message, that began it all...

"Some of us are thinking about doing the Chicago Marathon, are you in?"

And so it began, we each signed up! For some it was a race to mark off their to-do list, others it was an exciting race to check out, and for two it was the perfect race to do for their 1st marathon. We have all known each other in some way or another, but we had never set out to do something like this together before. Girls Weekend...26.2 Miles...Road Trip!!!

And then we trained, there were the good runs, and there were some not so good runs. Once the training was finally over, we set off! The ride was decorated, because we had to let everyone know we were driving 500+ miles to run 26.2 miles!
Lots of water was consumed, which meant lots of stops. We took advantage of each stop and made sure we stretched along the way.

Dana baked us some super yummy goodies, that she thought would last us the weekend, umm no! They were gone pretty quick!!

After a quick sleep stop in Effingham, were were off to the expo! Not only did we discover Fellow Flowers, but also HB Tune, so that is where our relationship with each of those companies began. It was an expo like none of us had ever seen. We wanted to check out every booth, it was just amazing! A very generous family friend of Jennifer's gave us a place to stay while we were in Chicago, and we will be forever grateful.

Race morning came, and once we checked our bags, we separated into our corrals. And then we set off, knowing we would see each other at the finish line! Each of us could write a post of our experience on the course, but to sum it up, it was so much more than we could have ever expected. We had shirts made with our names on them, so for all 26.2 miles we each heard people cheering for us by name, and it was incredible. It is a race like no other we have experienced! Talk about feeling like a rock star!!

We were there to watch each of us cross that finish line, and many, many hugs were shared! We are not sure if that was the moment, the elation of watching each other cross that finish line or the journey to get there, but we were forever changed. 

We headed home the next day, somehow different than how we started just two days prior. It was a journey, it was life changing, somehow we were bonded by a force that we did not anticipate or expect. A bond was formed, and we became what you now know as Girls Run the 901!


  1. Fun!! I'm glad you girls bonded on this trip and are sharing your journey with us. I hope to meet you soon!

    1. Thank you Lauren! We would love to meet up with you too! I keep wanting to join your Saturday workout, but that is mainly when we do our long runs. Hopefully we can figure out something sometime soon :)