Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fashion Friday: How do you log your miles?

In this era of technology there are so many ways to track your miles, whether it is to map out a route, track your miles while on a run, or logging your miles to determine when you need a new pair of shoes. As runners, we love to track our miles, but with so many avenues of technology it can be confusing, here are a few items we use and why we like them.

Jennifer uses Map my Run to plot out a route and sets off. Map my Run is one of the best route planners out there. You can map out a course, send it to a friend, or send it to your phone and track yourself while out on a run. It is also great for when you are out of town and unfamiliar with an area.

Janell loves her Garmin 405, it is easy to use and with a simple touch to the bezel, can easily switch between different screens. Once a run is complete, she can load the workout into Garmin Connect and track her progress.

 Debi uses the Garmin 310X, being able to plan a tempo workout on her computer and then sending it to her watch is must when looking for a GPS watch. Garmin Connect is great for planning interval workouts and tracking activities.

Dawn uses RunKeeper to help her track her miles while she is out running. Once finished, you can look at that activity on your computer and compare it to previous runs, or see what your friends are up to on their runs. It even allows you to add other activities like a treadmill run or cross train class to keep track of all your fitness activities.


And Stacey uses Nike+ app on her phone. The Nike+ app not only tracks your current run, it keeps a log to show you when you last bought your shoes, how many miles you ran in total, but it also gives you an alert when you've reached a milestone like fastest 5K or longest distance.

 Dana was using a Garmin, but after the band on her watch broke, she decided to try a TomTom. While she hasn't had a chance yet to use it, the easy of use with the one-button control is appealing. And , well, it's cute!
What do you use to plan your routes and track your miles?


  1. I use the runtastic app for my phone! Love it! Also love your blog!