Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday: anytime favorites!

Fall is here and in the 901 you could wear running shorts and tank one day and then running pants and a L/S shirt the next, we thought we'd share with you our go to outfits and gear. These are our some of our favorite pieces we feel most comfortable in.

Janell: Prefer capris and short sleeve shirts. She does like an occasional running skirt a well. She even has the best of both worlds...a running skirt with capris built in! 

Jennifer: She is not too attached to anything but would have to say her shoes are what she cares about most, Orange Mizunos. and her pink (of course, ever girl needs a little pink in her wardrobe) Nike headband! 

Debi: Prefers tanks and dry fit shorts. For longer distances I wear capris and my Nike Unexpected run shirt because it converts to a tank, the coolest invention ever!!

Stacey: Her favorite things are her Asics and Nike running shorts (the originals) and a Nike running tank. She is our original Just Do It girl!!

Dana: Lululemon Shorts, tanks and knee high socks (a cute, funky pattern of course), she is our fashionista!! But, she is going to change to yoga pants and rocker tees for comfort while she is recovering!! By the way y'all, she is doing awesome...she'll be back out there with us before we know it!

Dawn: Well she is not really partial to anything, comfort and appropriate for the weather conditions is what she likes. She does love to wear something in all seasons...her new inserts! She had custom inserts done and she says her runs are better then ever and recommends to everyone.

Well there you go friends, nothing fancy, frilly or over the top just the six of us wearing simple stuff that makes it fun and comfortable for a quick run or a long one!!

What are some of your favorites and go to outfits?

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  1. I can attest that Debi's unexpected run shirt is the coolest! I'm super attached to my Oiselle bum wrap! It's a skirt with shorts underneath and it is the most comfortable thing ever!