Thursday, October 10, 2013

Empower vs Compete-Celebrating Each Other's Victories

By: Janell

As we talked about last week, we each are in different stages of our running and training. I have seen this quote before and it always strikes a cord within me, but recently it does so even more. I think as women we can get so caught up in competing with one another instead of celebrating each other's strengths, progress and goal reaching. Let's face it, it can be hard at times when you hear about an increased pace when you can't seem to make your legs move faster and pounds lost when your 'junk in the trunk' won't budge. I want to be that person that others are proud of and inspired by. But I can't always be that and I need to get over it. I need be the person and have the qualities I appreciate in others. I always have to remember that I don't know their story-to compare myself to someone who maybe has an entirely different story. Like taking a single person with a job they love to the single mom trying to make ends meet an barely fitting in her run between all her other responsibilities  Both have the same great accomplishments and victories, their stories are just very different.

Focusing on myself and what I am not can only lead to defeat. There is nothing more gratifying when watching a friend achieve a goal for the first time! That's why we are so big on telling other people's stories and publicly celebrating other's victories. 

Here are some great ideas on how to empower each other:

  • Give out compliments you mean
  • Speak and act with honesty
  • Listen to others
  • Volunteer
  • Talk time to talk to strangers
  • Be sincere
  • Smile more often
  • Give thoughtful gifts
  • Project positivity and eliminate negative thoughts
  • Give encouragement instead of criticism
  • Love your community

Let's be a women who empower each other and encourage each other to dream big when it comes to attaining goals. Let's not be trite competitors focusing on how make ourselves what we think is better than the other. 

Does anyone else struggle with turning comparison into healthy competition and encouragement? How do you go from one to the other? What are the hardest things not to compare yourself with/to?


  1. Great post, Janell. I think we all struggle with this. We have to remember that we are all different - not better or worse - just different. We can always learn something from another person and support them in their journey even if it's not the same as ours.

    1. absolutely, Lauren! Different is right and we are definitely always learning. Thank you!