Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Checking In

Life looks a lot different for all 6 of us women in Girl Run the 901 since we started back in January of this year. As many of you know, we have been friends for a while and ran the Chicago Marathon together last year which was a huge springboard for starting this blog together. We are still very much focused on the goal of encouraging and empowering women and men alike to make fitness goals for themselves and take steps to reaching them; cheering you on along the way!

Something that we enjoy about writing together is that each of our lives are different and we are all in different stages of training. Hopefully, it brings diversity when writing and sharing. We just wanted to update you on what life looks like for each of us.

Janell is continuing to train and exercise where she can fit it in. As she wrote last week, life with a 6 and 4 year can be busy and some days are trickier than others to fit it in. She is training to run St Jude half marathon in mind and can't wait to run it for the fourth time. She is also anxiously awaiting Memphis Tiger Basketball season to begin-Go Tigers!

Debi is having a tough time trying to get all of her runs in while training for the St, Jude Marathon. She has never been a morning runner, but fears this may be the only option these days between work and family. Currently she gets her runs in while her daughter is at soccer practice, trying to make it work any way she can. She has found an amazing running buddy with Cecilia from Mommies Run, and can't wait to cross the finish line with her!

Jennifer is pushing the limits lately with what she can get away with as far as running goes. She has high hopes to do 3 marathons, each several weeks apart, beginning this marathon of marathons with St. Jude like the other Girls. Training has its place very early every morning for her, considering graduate school takes every second of the day afterward. Talk about mental and physical workouts. The biggest challenges for her currently are balancing healthy food and busyness with running while tired. The excitement of what she actually could accomplish is what keeps her going.

Dana is, like she mentioned last week, sidelined indefinitely. She anticipated a herniated disc once she met with her doctor but was given more disappointing news. Her surgery date is a week from today where she will have a pretty invasive surgery that will require about a 6 month recovery. In the mean time, she is trying to stay positive, enjoy the time between the miles and looking forward to being on the other side of this. She is so thankful for all the encouragement and support during this uncertain time for her and her family.

Dawn started a new job in July thinking she would have a more flexible running schedule, boy was she wrong!! With the new job came a new school year. Three teenagers (one being a Senior, that's another blog), three different schools, three different start times. It is a crazy time and she is trying to be as involved as much as possible because life as she knows it will soon change. So needless to say her St. Jude training is not going as planned but as her husband has said "don't worry, you've got this!" 

Stacey is also "training" for the upcoming St. Jude Marathon. She uses the term training loosely. She has started a new position at her job and between the increased responsibilities and the schedules of two teenagers there seems to be lots less time allowed for training. Despite dreading daylight savings time and the cold dark solo (with Dana sidelined she is training alone for this one) runs ahead, she will figure it out and looks forward to another St. Jude Marathon. 

Thank you for all your support and encouragement, we hope to continue to do the same for you!

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