Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Running Buddy

Running Buddy: two small words to describe one of the best things about running!

Sure running has great side affects, from losing weight, being healthy, staying fit. But little is mentioned about the friendships that are made, ones that are formed after spending many miles together on the pavement. It is a relationship like no other.

These friendships are special because these are the people that see you through some of your hardest moments and your joyous days. Some of your most embarrassing moments happen while out running, the running buddy does not judge you because they totally understand, and will laugh with you about it later.

Unfortunately, this past year, most of my runs have been alone due to my work schedule. And while I do enjoy my quiet runs, there are times when it gets lonely. So to change that up, I have joined both the St. Jude Heroes group and Breakaway Running with the hopes of meeting new people and joining in the camaraderie.

Along the way, I met Cecilia from Mommies Run. We became friends just about instantly, and once we realized our pace was the same there was a mutual agreement that we would try to do every long run together.

I really can't find the right words to show excited I am to run with Cecilia, she is such a sweetheart with the most positive and caring disposition. She is training for her first marathon and it is so exciting to see her meet new distances each week. There is no doubt in my mind that she will finish the St. Jude Marathon strong and with a smile on her face, and I feel so lucky that I will get to experience it with her!

I read this the other day and found it fitting..."As long as we have the road, the ramblings and each other to look forward to, it’s all going to be all right. Bring it on, life — we’re laced up and ready."

Do you have a running buddy? 


  1. Aww, Cecilia is a sweetheart! I end up doing most of my runs alone too because of my work schedule; hoping a buddy of mine from work can join me for a long run soon!

    1. Yes Kristen she is!! It is hard finding someone to run with due to work schedules, hope you can make it work with your friend. It does make the miles go by faster. I find that it helps make me more accountable. If you can't make it work, come join us for the Breakaway runs on Saturday if you can make it. THere are people of all paces and they are so friendly!