Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Friday: Festive Fall Gear

Fall really is the  best  time of year. Besides the perfect temps for running, the falling leaves, hoodies, thumbholes and bonfires, the holidays that hit in the fall are so fun. This time of year also brings lots of races with themes or that enable you to have fun and get a little festive with your running gear if you choose.

Here are a few options I fell in love with for the fall that could be worn at a few of our local races.

Teal for a Cure 5k

Race for the Cure

Pumpkin Run
Lululemon Run Swiftly Long Sleeve
(see those thumbholes girls)

I also love me some knee socks!
Black and Orange Bubbles from Joy of Socks

And while we are talking socks, if these don't say fall I dont know what does!

How about these bad boys! If you're headed to a Halloween race, these are perfect! 
For a Christmas themed race or if you just love red!

Here are even some Christmas socks but not to be worn with the capris... Just sayin!

These are just a few things I found, would love to see what you've worn to color coordinate or for themed races. 
Post your pics to our Facebook page so we can see your ideas! 


  1. Love that orange Lulu run swiftly! Great choices!

    1. Haha I bet you do, can never have too much orange ;)