Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simple Solutions

There are many things that can go wrong while running. It's almost comical how complicated we can make running, but this little technique that deals with foot pain/problems, takes me back to the elementary school playground.

Countless lessons and skills are learned on the elementary school playground, and one of the cool ones for me was braiding and tying my shoelaces in impossibly untie-able ways. It looked cool, so it didn't matter that I had to go home and spend the rest of the day unlacing and lacing my shoes.

As it turns out, there are other practical ways to tie your shoe laces other than the way they come from the store. It only makes sense that with so many different kinds of feet out there, a shoe off the factory line doesn't fit every foot  perfectly. Whether your shoe fit is slightly off or you get a little pain here and there, try out some of these ways of tying your laces. I know people who do it, and they say it works! So check out these problems and preventions, and see if you could benefit from one. Let us know how or if it helps!

Tops of your feet are sore
Problem: Shoes rub tops of your feet, causing irritation or blisters; common in people with high arches.

The fix: Skip lacing. Lace around (not over) the problem area to relieve pressure.

Too-tight toes
Problem: Your toes feel restricted.

The fix: Double laces. Tying the shoe in two places lets you make it looser at the forefoot. You’ll need two laces for each shoe. Start from the bottom with one lace; tie a bow in the middle. Then use the second lace, starting from the eyelets above the bow of the first lace; tie a bow at the top. Experiment until you get the right fit.

Sore arch
Problem: Shoes feel too tight on the tops of your feet.

The fix: Parallel lacing. Don’t cross laces over each other after each eyelet—alternate going up and across to the next eyelet like a ladder.

Loose heel
Problem: Your heels slip up and down.

The fix: Heel loops. Lace each shoe normally, but at the mouth use side holes (often left empty) to run lace up and out to create a small loop. (Don’t cross over tongue, just run lace under and up through next hole.) Then take ends of lace, cross to opposite side, and run lace up through these loops; pull to tighten.

One last tip from my personal bag of tricks. For years I have run with ponytail bands over my shoes and laces. Not once have my shoes ever come united if they are tucked under a ponytail band. And on top of that, if you ever break the one that's in your hair, you've got a spare!


  1. Neat! Love the idea about the extra ponytail holder!

    I sometimes feel like my laces are too tight over the arch of my right foot (but only my right foot). I may have to start lacing around it.

  2. Here's another fun little blog with a few extra! It has some of the same ones you have here! I do this and it def. works!!!!

    1. Thanks Wendi! That is one of my favorite blogs. (Just wished she posted more)