Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: All about the socks!

When it comes to running, the emphasis upon choosing the right shoe is always made, but there is little mention about socks. What you may not know is that your socks are just as important. A good pair can mean the difference between a blissful run and painful blisters.

Cotton socks absorb moisture and retain it against your feet. If you run in cotton socks, you’ll likely end up with a soggy foot which will lead to the inevitable blisters and calluses. Instead of cotton, look for socks made out of synthetic fibers that wick the moisture off your feet and keep dry while running.  A good running sock is made out of acrylic/polyester and nylon which work well to wick the moisture away from your feet.

Another key factor when choosing running socks is just like when choosing running shoes—fit. Certain socks will fit certain feet well, while others will not. A sock that is too small for you size can also lead to the dreaded loss of toenails.

Here are some other sock tips:
  • When shopping for new running shoes, make sure you bring your favorite running socks with you. Try the new running shoes on with your running socks to make sure they match up well. Don’t be fooled by trying on new shoes with your regular socks. If you do, the shoes may not fit well with your running socks.
  • If you’re in the market for new running socks, pair them up with your running shoes. Choose the thickness of your running socks with your existing or new shoes. For example, if you prefer thin running socks, when you buy new shoes, you’ll probably have to stick with that sock thickness. Wearing extra thick socks for added cushioning will probably end up making the shoes too tight.
  • Thickness matters, but it’s a personal preference. Some prefer thin socks, but if you like wearing thick (or padded) socks, you’ll have to stick with that style. It’s tough to go back and forth between thin and thick socks in the same pair of shoes because the shoes probably won’t fit equally well.
There are many things that as girls we share, clothes, hair ties, no problem. But when it comes to socks, that is a different story altogether. Writing this post, I never would have thought we could all be so different. Balega, Thorlo, knee length, ankle length, or just happy to have found a thing does remain the same, we love our running socks and they are an important running investment.

What is your sock preference? Is there a specific brand you love? 


  1. Feetures, Balega and Fitsok

    1. Love my Balegas too, and am just now trying the Feetures and really like them so far.

  2. I love my procompression and I love swiftwick for my ankle socks!

  3. I love my procompression and I love swiftwick for my ankle socks!