Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Annie Oakley Triathlon 2013 review

We had a great time racing and volunteering for the Annie Oakley Super Sprint triathlon this past weekend, which consisted of a 400 meter swim, an 11 mile bike and a 2 mile trail run.

It all started very early on Saturday morning. So early, in fact, that most everyone had to wear a headlamp when arriving to set up in transition.  As the sun came up, everyone got ready and headed down to the dock to jump in and begin the swimming leg of the race. The weather was great, overcast, lending to cooler temperatures. From the way everyone talked about Herb Parsons, I expected the swim to be worse, but it was great, the water was warm but not too hot, a little dark, as lake water usually is, but fine other than that. I was very thankful to see our girls at the water stop just as you exited the swim cheering everyone on!

The bike was a great course, slightly hilly with one hill in particular right at the end that will take all you have left. The good thing about uphills is that you have a lot of downhills (which I love), that enable you to build momentum going back into the next hill. As always, the course was well supported and staffed leaving no questions of where to go.

After transitioning from the bike, then came the 2 mile trail run. This is the first time I have raced in a triathlon that included trails. It was definitely a nice change of scenery! For me, being on trails makes the run feel a little longer. I was so thankful to find a friend to chat with and pace along the way. We ended up chatting all through the run and finishing together. She didn't even know it, but Rachel was a huge encouragement and help in finishing strong. (And congrats to you on your healthy competition with your sister-great job!) Thank you, Rachel!

Annie Oakley is a great race to participate in! Great course, awesome shirt, very well done, and an overall great experience. This is one of the series of 4 triathlons that Start 2 Finish Events puts on over the weekend. They go above and beyond to make each individual race  exceptional. We have some friends that participated in more than one race, all with great experiences. 

As always, we love being out there cheering, giving water, and supporting the racers as well. It is always fun for us to be a part of the 'behind the scenes' of a race. So while I raced, Dana, Jennifer, Dawn and Stacey supported me and the race! Great job ladies. 

That same morning Debi spoke at the St Jude Hero's kickoff event. She did an amazing job and we are so proud of her stepping out as a leader of one of the hero teams. 

It was a great weekend for the 901 girls and many others that participated in a triathlon for the first time or reached a goal they had set. Congratulations!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a great race! Congratulations on a job well done.

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! We had a blast!