Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Water Station 101

On Wednesday, July 3rd, we worked alongside Start2Finish at the Stars and Stripes 5k. This was the last race in the M-Town Series, and it ended with a bang. We started off at registration, handing out race packets and t-shirts. We are so grateful for the chance to meet and talk with many of you. Then, we headed to work water station #1. None of us had ever worked a water station before, so this was a new experience for all of us. Let me just say, I have a new found respect for those volunteers! If you have ever worked a water station at any of our races, thank you!

We had a blast and learned some very important things that we would like to share with you, for future water-girl wisdom and perhaps any misled runners who think it's an easy job.
Here are the top 5 things we learned:

5. Be ready! They are coming, and coming FAST! As Jennifer compared it, it's like being in Spain at the running of the bulls, except you're standing still and they're running at you! But what makes it all worth it is getting to look at the runners faces as they pass, a view you don't always get when you're in the crowd. The determination and resilience on their faces was priceless!

4. Keep the water flowing! Be prepared to have plenty of cups full and ready to go. Lots of the runners will want more than one cup, both to drink and pour over themselves. You won't walk away dry either, so dress appropriately! Also, keep a loose grip on the cups or you may loose a hand along with it.

3. Parting of the Sea. Split up. Give the runners plenty of space to get close to you! Even having a couple people on the opposite side of the water table helped alleviate some of the congestion. It can get really crowded as the runners come in for their water, like the seagulls from Finding Nemo..."Mine! Mine! Mine!"

2. The more the merrier! We had 5 of us girls out there, Janell's husband, and her 2 children, and we still could have used a few more people to make sure we were able to reach all the runners! Our main priority is to keep you hydrated!

And the No.1 thing we learned from working the water station was....we will do it again! It was a blast to be on the other side! Even though we were there to serve and encourage the runners, they did just the same for us. Being able to be face-to-face with the runners showed us their determination and drive. Their kindness and appreciation towards us even in the midst of their focus on the race made us grateful to be there! We may not have been running this time, but we will be forever grateful to anyone and everyone that volunteers when we do. So if you get the chance, help out your fellow runners, and maybe we'll be at the next water station with you!

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