Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Time for a check up!

Can you believe it? We’re halfway through July. It’s time for your 6 months check up!

Remember those goals you set back in January? How many days a week did you say you’d run? What were you NEVER going to eat again, ever?

It’s okay, it’s not guilt trip Tuesday. But half the battle is accountability, and we're here to ask you how you're doing. It’s good to think back on your goals. Whether you wrote them down somewhere or just told yourself, it’s beneficial to reflect on how you’ve done the past six months, so that the next six months can be even more intentional.

As you think back on where you wanted to be today six months ago, I hope you’re excited about what you’ve accomplished. I hope you can say you more or less have stayed with the plan you chose to achieve your goals. Be proud of the disciple and healthy habits you have practiced.

But if, however, you find that you’re goals don’t feel much closer than they did in January, or the schedule you wanted to keep got replaced by every-day life, don’t  be surprised. That’s normal. I’m not letting you off the hook by any means though. Re-evaluate your goals. Make sure they’re reasonable, and reasonably approach them. You will prioritize what you think is important, and if you need to hear it again, what’s important is you and your health. You’re worth the work. But you have earned what you are right now. You have either worked for what you are, or you’re a consequence of what you’ve done.

Don’t be surprised by your “failure.” You’re human, and your flesh talks louder than your mind sometimes, especially when there’s good food on the table or you’re sore from the day before. Expect to mess up every now and then, but don’t let that become an excuse.

As you think back on the past six months, figure out what worked well and what didn’t. If you planned to run 4 nights a week, but it didn’t work, was it because you were too tired at the end of the day? Or maybe more appealing things come up at night that you choose over working out? Let me tell you, night running may not be for you. If you promised yourself you would never go to Gibson’s Donuts again but wound up there every weekend, prioritize your sweet tooth and savor it when you do indulge.

It’s a better experience to fail and learn from your own failure than to miss your goals and never know why. Consider this exercise a self-evaluation with a side of constructive criticism.

Go one step further after you figure out what worked and what needs to be done differently. Tell someone what you need or don’t need or write it down somewhere you’ll see it. Finally, quit telling yourself, “I’ll do better,” and surround yourself with support who can help get you there. We’re real people too, with real readers. Share in the struggle of taking control of your body and health and encourage one another by posting on the blog or FB today. Tell us how you’re coming back stronger for the next half of the year.


  1. Well, aside from a small surgical setback, I'm right where I want to be! I'm running consistently (and will be again come Sunday), and registered for races and training hard. I'm really pleased with how far I've come and where I'm headed.

  2. That is so awesome to hear! What a great feeling too to be able to say it!