Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday with Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels

Running Wish List

Hi, I'm Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels.  I was so excited when Girls Run the 901 reached out to me to share some of my favorite summer running fashions.  I started blogging 7 months ago to share my love of fashion and fitness.  Though I mainly blog about fashion, I also blog a little about my day to day life including some fitness such as running and cycling.  I have been running since I ran track back in middle school, but then when I got older, I just stopped.  It wasn't until about 7 years ago that I picked it up again to run a 5K with my husband in Harbor Town.  In school running was required to remain on the  track team, or it was punishment in cheerleading and other sports.  Now, running is nothing like that to me.  It is my escape and my personal me time.  It's how I unwind.  I mainly only run outdoors because I love to watch the scenery, listen to my music and feel the pavement beneath my shoes.  I don't have to explain this to you because I know every one of you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Sometimes it's hard to force myself to get out there and run, but once I do, I'm so happy I did.    

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite running fashions.  Some of these items I already have, and some are still on my wishlist.  

I have about 5 of these sports bras, and they are the only ones I have ever worn that actually hold me in place and work for me without having to double up on sports bras (yes, some people do that.)  And what is better than a sports bra in a bright neon yellow?! 

 This Shopping is My Cardio tee has been on my list for a while now.  It would be perfect to throw on for yoga, running, lounging or even pair it with a skirt and wedges for a night out.  It can easily be dressed up or down!  A neon pink tank top, enough said.  = )  

I know I must be one of the only people who don't own any Lululemon.  I have been wanting to try some of their pieces for a while, but haven't talked myself into spending the money yet.  I just recently bought a running skirt to see what all the hype was about, and I am completely sold on them now.  I can assure you I was very set in my ways and happy with my running shorts, but if you haven't tried the running skirts yet, definitely give them a try as they are really comfortable (and cute!) 

You definitely won't blend in with the pavement in these floral shorts.  They are another item that can be worn to run or workout in, and then you can pair it with a cute tee and some sandals for night. 

 I have about 10 pairs of Nike Tempo shorts, but what I don't have is any with my initals monogrammed on them.  Little did I know this was something I needed.  I'm from the south, monogram everything.  = )  

 New Balance Minimus shoes are some of my favorites, and I love this new design.  They always make such fun, vibrant colors, and they are incredibly lightweight!  

I have a couple pairs of these bike shorts, but none with polka dots.  The brighter, the better.  These shorts are great for running, cycling, pilates, basically any kind of working out.  

And last but certainly not least, now that I have a shorter summer haircut, I'm thinking I need a cute hat to wear while running to keep my hair out of the way and the sun off my face.  Once again, you can't go wrong with a monogram.  = )

Thank you so much for reading, and I would love for you to stop by Walking in Memphis in High Heels and say hello if you get a chance.  You can also find more pictures of my fitness and fashion finds on Instagram.  

Do you have any of these items on my list?  Would you wear them?  Which are your favorite?             


  1. i love the run like a girl shirt! I'm here from Walking in Memphis, btw. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting Katie!! Totally agree, it's so cute!

  2. I think I need those polka dot shorts!

  3. I saw lots of running skirts at the Harbor Town 5-K. I think they are really cute!!

    1. They sure are, that Lululemon skirt above is one of our favs!

  4. I've never tried a running skirt - now I'm curious!

  5. So amazing clothes, thank you for sharing.This could be the season's most fashionable decision for outwear.