Thursday, June 20, 2013

The mantra made me do it

By: Debi

Have you ever had one of those runs that for whatever unforeseen reason, went horribly? Did you keep going, or did it get the best of you?

Running can be as much a mental challenge as it is a physical test of strength and fitness. Some runners find that their body is willing to run longer, but it's too hard mentally to keep going. Picking a short phrase that you play over and over in your head while running can help you stay focused and centered. It can be your inner motivation when you need it most.

About 3 months after I first started running, my husband gave me a ring that had one word inscribed on it, "Believe." Well that single word has become my "mantra" and has gotten me through some pretty tough moments. You are probably asking, believe what? For me, some days it's different.

The other day I was listening to a podcast interview of Kara Goucher (US Olympian), and someone asked her what her mantra is, and I was really surprised by her answer: "Believe, it encompasses hope and faith in yourself." But for the Boston Marathon she had Nike sew the following mantra into her shoe, "Have the courage to believe!" Having the courage to believe, in yourself and that it is possible. 

In order to achieve our running goals, there will be times when strong legs are not enough, you will need to be strong mentally. Doubts and distractions can ruin a run but having a mantra to repeat in your mind can help keep you on target.

Here are some mantras that we use when the going gets tough:
I run to eat!
Suck it up buttercup!
Stay strong!
One mile at a time!

You may already have a favorite phrase to use as a mantra, but if you don't have one, check out these quotes about running motivation and running marathons for some inspiration.

Do you have a phrase or mantra to help get you through tough runs?

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