Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion Friday: To Cover or Not to Cover

Growing up in Minnesota, one thing I always remember is my mom telling me to cover my head, because it was the chimney of the body. I did not need any heat to escape when I was playing in the subzero temps. I guess that has always stuck with me ... now 30 years later, I cannot not run with a hat because I feel like I am trapping that body heat and suffocating (another little quirk). I have to let the chimney breathe! 

So the Fashion Friday question of the day is: In the heat of the summer, hat or no hat?

I began to search the internet for the answer, because everything you read on the internet is true! Of course, I found a ton of sites that just contradicted each other. However, I did learn some cool tid-bits on running as the heat turns up from 
Jeff Galloway (check out his no. 4):

How to stay cool 
1. Slow down early- take those walk breaks early and often 
2. Wear lighter garments and not cotton- several materials will wick the perspiration away from your skin: coolmax, polypro, etc. 
3. Pour water over yourself- pour water on your head, or even on your light coolmax (or similar material) singlet. 
4. Don't wear a hat- hats keep your heat from being released through one of the best vents you have- the top of your head! 
5. Drink cold water- it leaves the stomach quicker and it produces a slight physiological cooling effect and an even greater psychological cooling effect. 
6. Take a dip or a shower- take a break for a dip in the pool or a cold shower on hot days! 
7. Don't eat a big meal- Eating too much (especially protein and fat) will put extra stress on your system when you exercise. 

So here is the short of it regarding a hat in the summer time: when you exercise the heat will escape your body from any exposed area of your skin. Your head acts as one of the biggest vents. While yes, a hat will trap that heat in your body causing you to sweat more and feel hotter, heat will use other uncovered skin to escape from.  If you have to wear a hat, don't wear your husbands favorite ball cap or the cute army cap you just bought that makes you look totally fashionable. Purchase yourself a running cap like the Nike Daybreak cap or the UnderArmour coldback running cap. Both caps are designed to protect your head while letting the heat out through ventilation technology. You can also try a visor - it will block the sun, absorb the sweat, and it has great ventilation to let that heat go!
The Nike Daybreak Women's Running Hat delivers excellent ventilation and sun-blocking power in an adjustable, sweat-wicking construction for premium comfort over any distance.

Revolutionary coldblack® technology reflects heat rays to keep you cooler than ever when it gets hot. A built-in sweatband wicks sweat away to keep you dry and the eyelet detail provides ventilation.
Eventure™ Woven Fabric shell, Eventure™ Fabric terry sweatband keeps perspiration out of your eyes, and black undervisor reduces glare.
To cover or not to cover? Listen to your body. If you feel you are overheating, take the hat off every now and then and let the heat go! 

What about you, do you like to run in a hat? If so, what is your favorite one?


  1. I ran recently in the hat that we got at the Harbortown 5k. The Nike hat. It seems to have some sort of venitlation things on it that made it bareable to run in. I didn't notice getting overheated or anything!

    1. What color Nike hat did you get me?
      Got super overheated wearing one last summer, will never wear that one during the heat again. Hoping the Nike one works better:)

  2. I have a Nike hat that I've been running in occasionally but I think it's making me hot(Ter). I want a visor to try because I like how that band catches sweat and keeps it from getting in my eyes!

    1. Hey Cecilia, let us know what think of the visor-I want to try one too!

  3. I can't wear a hat or visor. It messes with the arms on my sunglasses, which I absolutely need to wear outside. The benefit to the hat, of course, is not getting sunburn on my scalp, especially if I end up with a part in my hair. Fortunately, I'm pretty good at getting out for my runs before the sun is blazing, so I can usually avoid that.

    1. Jennifer, I try to do my runs then instead of in the hot sun as well. I totally understand about the hat/sunglass thing. Have a good weekend!