Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreadmill Running

By: Dana

With the heat rising and the south's humidity levels, sometimes running here in the 901 can be grueling!
Our last couple of posts have been a reminder of just that and how important it is to stay hydrated and safe in the sun. However, there are just going to be days when going out in that heat really shouldn't be an option. So how are we going to get our run in? It leaves us with..... The DREADMILL!

I feel very sure I am not the only one who would rather run outside in any weather element (well...except a thunderstorm) than to get on that thing! However, for our safety sometimes it's the best option. 
Running on a treadmill takes some serious mental strength.  Just look at it like it's a challenge and that if you can stick it out you will be mentally stronger. Let's be real though, no matter how mentally strong you are, the treadmill can be boring and monotonous!

Here are a few things you can do to entertain yourself and make the time go by faster:

1. If I must be on the treadmill I like to do speed work. My pace is set for me and there is a timer I can stare at to know when I'm done! Go for mile repeats or meter repeats  and rest and recover in between. Good news there, your water bottle is right beside you!
2. Fartleks (speed play) - Jog and then sprint whenever you feel like it!
3. Progression Runs - Run each mile faster than the last.
4. Chorus Sprints - I don't listen to music when I run but this one just sounds fun. When the chorus of a song comes on, bump up your speed by 1.0 or more (whatever you are comfortable with) miles per hour.

This next suggestion is super fun and well, could be considered a little silly, but whatever it takes to make working out fun, I'm all about it!
I first saw the "Deck of Cards Workout" on The Biggest Loser and thoughts how fun! Knowing that I had to find out more about this workout game I went to my favorite source, Pinterest...And there were several suggestions! This was a while back and I remember seeing a treadmill workout, but now I can't find it...So I decided to make one up for myself.

5. After a 5 minute warm-up, every 5 minutes choose a card, run at normal base pace for 5 minutes then choose another card.
Spades: increase your speed by 1.0 every minute for 5 minutes.
Diamonds: increase your incline by .5% every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.
Clubs: increase your incline by 3% for 5 minutes. 
Hearts: sprint the number of seconds on the card times 10. For example if you choose a 9 of hearts, sprint for 90 seconds.

Hope you have as much fun with this as I did!

If you aren't comfortable with taking a deck of cards to the gym, which is completely understandable, here is a treadmill workout from Jillian Michaels that is sure to get you a good workout in! 

Again, when the heat is too much, hop on a treadmill and get that run in!

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