Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind the Recipes

We’re going deeper than a recipe for today’s Make It Monday. You can have the best recipes in the world, but without good, fresh ingredients, your dish will still taste rotten.

Well, it just so happens that the owners of Whitton Farms, “a small, organically-inspired, specialty-crop farm in the Arkansas Delta,” are also the owners of Trolley Stop Market here in Memphis. Trolley Stop Market takes the idea of “Eat Local” seriously. Trolley Stop not only has incredible food on the menu that is predominately grown locally and organically, but they also offer, “a wide variety of locally made artisan goods, crafts, and a year round mini-farmers market” inside the restaurant. All things local and good are served and sold here as Trolley Stop partners with 16 different local farms to incorporate the freshest ingredients into their orders. 

I guess when you own both sides of a business, supply and production, you can do things the way you want them done. Whitton Farms and Trolley Stop Market offer an incredible opportunity for Memphians to encourage and support small, local farmers by joining the community supported agriculture program, or CSA.

Now before you think you’re going to have to go pick your own fruits and veggies, as if that wouldn’t be awesome, when it’s all said and done, this is an opportunity to pick up a big bag of groceries that’s prepaid, fresh, and locally grown. You don’t even have to decide which groceries you want. The beauty of the CSA program is that in order to provide the freshest ingredients, the bag of groceries you pick up weekly only has what was most recently harvested. To help out with what then could be a mystery bag of color and nutrition, your groceries (that you didn’t have to shop for or choose) come with their own suggested recipes (that you don’t have to look up).

I am currently eating through my first week of groceries from the CSA program. Thursday night I went to Trolley stop, ate incredible pizza, and picked up my grocery bag with my name on it. The ingredients inside were colorful, fresh, and changed up the rut I’ve already gotten myself into 3 weeks into cooking for my husband and myself. And even when I do make chicken, rice, and vegetables again and again, having a variety of fresh ingredients to toss in makes all the difference.

Check out Whitton Farms website or go visit Trolley Stop Market for yourself to taste and see what you can have in your own kitchen.

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