Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Race Report

It was a cold May morning this past Saturday, but we put on some warm running clothes and met our friends from Start 2 Finish at Overton Park to run the Eye Opener 5k.

My heart was warmed by all the people that were there! We saw friends we hadn't seen in awhile, and met some new friends.

The race was was started by the family of Kyle W. Kihnl, a Houston High School student who was killed by a drowsy driver. There were kids from the HHS cheer squad and wrestling team helping out. And tons of families. It was a very family friendly race.

The route was very pretty, a tree lined path through the park. I personally have never ran there before but will definitely be back again during these hot summer months coming up, it'll be a cool run with all the shade.

Their goodie bag was the bomb!! Cute t-shirt too!! The girls will do this race again and hope to see y'all there!!

Check out their website for detail info about them and help for tips to drive awake!
We are looking forward to warmer weather this week, so break out the shorts and get out and run the 901!

Well, as much as I would have loved to have run this 5K with my favorite running girls, this 901 girl drove to Indianapolis to run the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. This was supposed to be my husband's 1st half marathon and since he's from Indianapolis we thought this would be the perfect race to celebrate the accomplishment, but sadly, he was unable to do the race after being plagued by multiple setbacks during his training.

The 500 Festival Mini Marathon is the largest 1/2 marathon in the US, with 35,000 runners. That's a lot of runners!!! And they handled it with ease, they even handed out Gatorade and water prior to race start.

Since you had to prove your anticipated finish time to be seeded in the correct corral, there were no walkers to run around for the 1st mile of the race. The community support along the race route was great, including cheer leaders, people in costumes and local bands playing every 1/2 mile.

My favorite part of the race was running through the Indianapolis Speedway from miles 6-8.5, this facility is massive! As we were running through there they had jumbotrons showing the winners as they were crossing the finish line, which was pretty amazing.

If you ever get the chance to run this race, I highly recommend it!

If you raced this past weekend, how did it go? 

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