Thursday, May 9, 2013

There's Power in the Flower

We've made some new friends here at Girls Run the 901, a lot of new friends as a matter of fact.

We are so happy to be growing a relationship with Fellow Flowers. Two ladies, the founding Flowers, Tori and Mel, and twelve other friends ran a half marathon for Tori's birthday. Just for fun and to celebrate, they all put flowers in their hair on race day. As the race went on, people noticed the flower and began to put them together. They realized the flowers had become a sign of unity ... showing the mom, the teacher, the doctor, the nurse, the marketing director, and the housewife all go together. The flower had birthed an unexpected dream that began to unfold and they could not pass it up. Fellow Flowers created the space and the name but the connection between women runners was there long before Fellow Flowers. 

Tori and Mel have gotten to the heart of every woman runner with their philosophy promoting "a women’s running movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reasons behind why women run…because we believe that every woman has a story and every woman runs with a purpose." This unifying and motivational thought is the idea behind the flower part of Fellow Flowers. It's the idea that everyone runs for a reason, and that's reason enough to help each other run. 

Not only can you identify one another by participating in the Fellow Flower movement by wearing a flower, but you can represent your own journey by which flower you choose for yourself. There are ten different colors in all, each denoting different reasons, stories and purposes behind why women run.

If you're already thinking to yourself, "No. That's a nice story, but I don't wear flowers." Well, I am no Hawaiian princess either, but it's not actually about the flower, or even about running. It's about connecting with one another, about sharing a moment, a struggle, a victory with a fellow flower. It's an outward sign of a journey in a community of shared experiences. 
As people begin to realize they are not alone, that they belong to one another, they begin to do outrageous things. They set goals, they dream, they live with passion, they conquer their fears. This is the journey of a Fellow Flower, with the idea to crush the quiet thought of "It's just me."
Check back tomorrow as we share with you how our colors relate to our story and who we are. We want you to be a part of the Fellow Followers community too! 
Be sure to enter tomorrow's give-a-way it's going to be huge ... DON'T MISS IT!!

To read much more about Fellow Flowers founders, the background behind the flower, or pick up some (Mother's Day) goodies, check out

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