Wednesday, May 29, 2013

St. Jude Marathon and Half Marathon

The biggest race in Memphis is the St. Jude Marathon and Half Marathon, not only is it a race that highlights our town but the race benefits our very own St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The St Jude Half marathon was also recognized as one of the best in the country by Runner's World. Race sign-up opens this Saturday, June 1st and is sure to sell out in record time. 

This race is one of our favorites, but that reason is different for each of us. We thought we would share why we will run this race:

Debi: I was inspired to start running by a little girl, Lucy, who was a patient at St. Jude. Her mom asked people to run the race to help raise money and awareness for St. Jude since St. Jude patients do not have to pay for their care while being treated there. Well, all I could think was of course. Here's a parent with a child being treated for cancer, and there's a way that I can help, why wouldn't I do this? What keeps me inspired to continue to run this race are the kids and families from St. Jude. Running past the hospital at mile 5 of the course is the most humbling of experiences, and then later passing the Target House where many of those families stay while being treated; my eyes well up with tears just thinking about it.   I will be running this race as a hero this year, meaning I will try to raise additional funds for St. Jude, and I encourage you to do the same.

Janell: St Jude is meaningful for to me for a number of reasons. When I first started running, it was my goal: to be able to complete my first half marathon then a year later, my first full marathon. I have amazing memories, and, let's face it, hard times (like at mile 24 when I am not sure I could remember my name). I will run because I am so very proud of this race in our city. It is an honor to be a part of such a worthy cause! 

Dawn: I am the only one who has not run the St. Jude,  I  was all signed up ready to go last year when I came down with the flu/bronchitis and sadly sat on my couch cheering my Girls and my 17 year old son on! This year is going to be the year and I am hoping to get Mark to run with us!? This race means so much to our city as well as it does to many people, personally, for Mark and I, we will be running for Trey!!

Stacey: The St Jude marathon is special for me because it is a race where I have always ran with someone who was achieving their first. Friends and family members alike, it has been amazing to run and witness someone achieving something they have worked so hard for! The St Jude patients are truly inspiring to me and encourage me to keep going. In the 901, fall is a great time to train for this December race, so I really enjoy the training as well!

Jennifer: It is very personal for me, having four friends who have experienced the generosity of St Jude and their treatments. So when I run, it it is personal. One of the things that keeps me going is that no matter how bad I feel, I am out there, running when there are ones who want to and aren't able. St Jude is a pillar of the Memphis community and we as Memphians are so proud to be a small part for it. 

Dana: This race is meaningful to me for a couple of reasons.  December 4, 2010 is my runnerversary and the first year I  ran the St. Jude half. Just being honest I signed up for St. Jude because Stacey told me to. I had been running for about 6 months and she said it was time to get out there. That was my first ever race experience and I had no idea what to expect. As an inexperienced and new runner, I was just trying to make it to the finish line... It wasn't until my second St. Jude race  in 2011, did I fully come to understand the significance and importance of this event. It was my first marathon and I ran that year as a hero. As I ran, I kept hearing "thank you hero!" For the first time I payed attention to the crowd, looked spectators in the face and actually saw patients and their families. My eyes filled with tears seeing all the signs from the parents thanking us for running to raise money  for their kids...their  sick children. I had two healthy kids waiting for me at the finish line and my thoughts turned to... No, I'm not the hero, you are. You and your children are. That years theme was "Run for a Reason." I did, I ran that day for a reason... For the children and their families and will do the same this year!

So go ahead and register. Help support St Jude, set a goal and go for it. We will have more to come on training and meet ups! Can you tell we are excited?


  1. This has me misty eyed. I get chills just thinking about running this race again!

    1. I do too, I love this race so much!!

  2. Great minds think alike - I posted about this on my blog today also! I am running the full as a hero this year in honor of a friend's daughter and I am so excited to be running for such a great cause!

    1. Kristen, what is your blog, I'd love to read it!! So excited you are running the race as a hero, and a FULL! Way to go!! It truly is such a great cause!!