Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are you a streaker?

By: Stacey

So the idea of streaking has always intrigued me. Probably not the streaking that first comes to mind - I am too modest for that. I am talking about a running streak.  I have read several articles about runners who have ran for 16 years straight never missing a day and thought to myself that would be really cool. As I would set out for my 16 year journey I'd get a few days under my belt and think "Oh, ya - I can do this." Then I over sleep or work late, have a kid is sick, have to feed my family, there's a Grizz game, and there goes day three of my streak. I'm back to ground zero! 

I was very frustrated with my failing streaks and was about to give up the idea until I read an article about a father/son running team that had a streak of running an organized event every weekend in the winter. That got me thinking ... a streak can be anything you want it to be! It might be running a determined mileage every Wednesday, it might be you run a half marathon every month, it could be that you run St. Jude every year! I began to look at my Nike Plus app (my favorite running app!!) and realized I am on a monthly mileage streak - I have ran 120 miles or more every month for 10 months. 
Although I cannot run every day, I can still be a streaker. You can be a streaker too! It does not even have to be a running streak. Your streak can be whatever you want - maybe you eat fruit everyday or maybe mangos every Monday, tangerines on Tuesdays, watermelon on Wednesdays and so on. Janell and I started a walking lunges streak on April 29 and have done one lap around the track (or equivalent) at work everyday since. That said ... I have to go lunge now!! Day 16!!

Be a streaker ... Start one today! What would your streak be? 

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  1. Great idea!! Thanks! Find me on Nike+... KyraTanner
    I love having friends on there!! :)