Thursday, April 25, 2013

Run on vacation? Heck YES!!!

By: Dawn

To run or not, that is the question? When on vacation that is! My husband and I came down to Destin to celebrate our anniversary, 20 years, thank you:) The weather was great and the time alone to reflect on the many years together was even better! We also enjoyed running in a different location. Which made me think about upcoming summer vacations and so many of us being in different places. How do we keep up with what we love...Running, and now biking for some of us!

Here are some thoughts I had, I hope they are helpful:

**Safety is first and foremost!!! If your gut is telling you NO this is not a good place, don't run!! If you have a partner to run with perfect, but if not think of your safety first! If you need to drive somewhere you feel safer, then do that.
**Map out your runs, either drive it or use Map my Run, this great app can help you figure exactly where you are at and how far you want to run. Show your family/friends so they will know where you are.

**The Nike+ app can also be set up so you can be followed on a computer/tablet by your friends or family.

**Know how long you'll be gone so others will know when you will be back. Don't want to make anyone worry for nothing.

**Have your phone with you. If you aren't use to running with your phone get the HB tune it would be great for these kinds of runs. You'll have your phone but it won't be in the way!

**Stay in highly populated areas...the more the merrier I always say!

**Get you a Road ID bracelet. (see our earlier post) These are great to have when traveling as well, Mark and I wore ours.

My sister, the Professional, as I like to call her, wanted me to tell y'all that you could look for local races (5k, 10k, half and full marathons) in the area you are traveling in. She is always looking for the next race! You could do that before you leave or once you get there. That would be fun, a great way to run with a group, and see the town; double bonus, safety in numbers and a cute t-shirt!!!

So no matter where you are safe, have fun and run!!!

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