Monday, April 15, 2013

Our hearts go out to those in Boston

Our hearts are heavy in the wake of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. We truly cannot fathom what the runners, family members, friends, volunteers, photographers, and police are going through, but our thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to them.

It was a surreal moment to hear about and then see footage of the esteemed Boston Marathon, just hours after sharing the joy and excitement of watching an inspirational race and finish of the women's winner, Rita Jeptoo.

By no coincidence to the Boston Marathon events, the 901 Girls also registered for one of their next marathon hours after the news broke. I noticed in myself, a tinge of fear I never imagined I'd have registering for a race. For less than a second I questioned myself, as to whether it was wise to run marathons anymore. But we cannot live our lives in fear. We find joy, discipline, and hope in running, and we will continue to run marathons as a result of that. We will run them now, however, with solemn thoughts and gratefulness that we are still able to do so.

For anyone who is still trying to check on a friend or loved one, check Breakaway's Facebook page for Memphians who are safe and accounted for.

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