Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's talk Cycling

We have a special edition of Make it Monday coming to you tomorrow, as well as announcing the winner of our giveaway! Make sure to check back! Today, I wanted to talk cycling with you. Some of us 901 girls have recently started some triathlon/duathlon training or retraining. We are excited about changing it up and trying some new things. 

With my recent issue with my leg that I spoke about here, I have looked into some other ways to stay active and crosstrain. Although I trained a bit last year on a bike to do the Memphis in May Triathlon, I haven’t been consistent with cycling. Little did I know that “Biking is hands down the best cross-training complement to running. It roughly simulates the motion of running and can actually help you improve your leg speed. While running benefits calves and hamstrings, it largely ignores the front leg muscles that biking helps: the quadriceps and (if you use toe clips) the shins. By strengthening the muscles opposite those exercised by running, biking helps you improve running performance and avoid injury” (article link here)

Well that’s all I needed! A few weeks ago, I went into Bikes Plus. Let me just say I was a little intimidated to go in since my experience with a bike is largely the one I ride with a seat for a child on the back! From the start, they were completely helpful and wanted to inform me on how to make the best decision when it comes to a bike. I asked a lot of questions and they gave a lot of answers. They fitted me for my size, just like at a running store. After taking a number of measurements to get just the right  fit, they showed me my options. And this is what I ended up with (love the purple!):
Giant Avail 

I am so excited to learn more about my bike and receive the benefits that cycling gives. I plan to attend the women’s only ride on Monday nights at Bikes Plus Germantown and would love for you to join if you are interested. All levels are welcome! We will be there tonight-6 pm! 

There are also a number of rides in the Memphis area for all levels-very beginner to more advanced through Memphis Hightailers. This is the the cycling equivalent to the Memphis Area Runners Track Club (MRTC). We have great, local clubs here in Memphis! 

It will be something new for me and I am excited about new routes, new people and new experiences  "In terms of fitness benefit, three or four miles of biking equals about a mile of running. The real trick is to find a place where you can really push your pace enough to get your heart rate up as high as you would with a run." 

Hope to see you out there soon. Again, if this is something that you might be interested, please don't be intimated. There are some new things to learn, but has we have learned so much in the recent week, the community of runners and cyclers are more than happy to help out a newbie!


  1. Awesome Janell! My Dad is a member of the Memphis Hightailers and the International Paper team. He'll be riding Tour De Cure this weekend. He desperately wants me to take up riding but I'm scared!

    1. That's awesome! I feel/felt the same way. Come take the plunge with me!