Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kick It 5k: This One Is Personal!

A week ago Stacey and I and a 1000+ of our friends braved the elements and walked/ran Shelby Farms for the Kick It 5k for pancreatic cancer. It was cold but everyone was in good spirits and ready to have fun as we were all out there to support something that is very meaningful to us personally.

Many of you in the 901 know the story of Trey Erwin but for those of you not so near I'll share a bit of his story. Trey was a 15 year old young man with a heart for the Lord that so many of us strive for. His faith was incredible! He loved football, basketball and of course his friends. Everyone who knew him, knew that his personality was bigger than life! In March of 2012 Trey was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, a cancer usually found in older people. He and his family shared their faith and story with all of us. We as a community felt part of their family and traveled his journey with him. His friends from school and church rallied around him physically and on social media, Facebook/Twitter. #prayfortrey was seen all over town! His story touched sports figures, artists in the music industry and others from around the world. He touched each of us personally.

Treys dad, Jay, and my husband are firefighters and have worked together for years but have a relationship outside the station as well. Trey and his little brother, Collin are friends with my kids. Treys mom, Lisa and I share our struggles and triumphs of raising Godly kids in a fallen world.

When the Kick It 5k came time to run we said let's do it! I was a bit hesitant as we got closer to the race, it was cold, raining and windy and this girl likes to run in perfect conditions! We all met at Shelby Farms after church, put on our purple (Trey's favorite color) Kick It shirts and off we went. Some of us ran and others of us walked. It was a great time, once we all got out there together, supporting a cause that means something to us the elements didn't matter!! Stacey and I were honored to be there with the Erwin family!!

Thank you to the Erwin family for allowing all of us to share Trey's journey with them!!

Trey lost his battle July 5, 2012 surrounded by his family and friends! 
James 1:2-3

Check out his story: www.caringbridge.org/visit/treyerwin/journal

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  1. Wonderful post! You girls have hearts of gold! I belive Trey touched an insurmountable number of people with his story!