Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Future 901 Girl

By: Dana

Trying to find a meaning and a purpose in why you put the miles in can sometimes seem trivial or even selfish. Some days will absolutely be about your health, your goal, but then other days your mileage may actually benefit someone else and you may be running for a reason.

Stacey has always been in charge of my race calendar. She can find us a race in the blink of an eye. She came across two 5Ks being held on the same day that just so happen to be at different times, doesn't happen often by the way, and she immediately was like let's do a double header!

This past Saturday, Stacey, Dawn and I participated in the In His Steps 5k benefiting Christian Missions and the Special Kids and Families Bunny Run 5k. Both races were benefiting worthy causes so we were all in. We get miles, they get money.

Of course, at both events my mind immediately went to, PR (personal record), and placing well. We all had great races at the first 5k, so we set out to do the second. Again, I knew what my goal was: how fast can I get to the finish?

While Stacey and I were on mile 2 of the Bunny Run, out of nowhere this little girl, which looked to be around my sons age (12), comes up behind me (truth..I thought no way is someone passing me) but as soon as I saw her I just smiled and thought yep, good for you! Right in front of me were a few young boys that we were playing the stop and go game with. They'd take off and then stop, catch their breath and take off again. As soon as they caught a glimpse of her they took off! I came up behind her and I said "no way are we letting those boys beat you, let's go!" She looked at me and smiled and said "yes mam!" She took off with a look in her eye and determination in her heart. I recognized the look immediately and knew nothing was going to stop her.

Stacey and I stayed behind her and kept yelling and cheering for her. At one point I forgot I was out there racing I was so worried about her finish! For a good half of a mile she never gave up, she ran with all her heart and beat every one of those boys by about 15 seconds and ended up placing 4th in her age group! When we were finished we knew we had to meet this future 901 girl! We were so proud of her. Come to find out this was her first 5k! She did amazing.

We blog and run to encourage others to get moving and get healthy, however there are days like Saturday where someone else's miles were encouraging to us. Watching her run and succeed was more fun than getting another PR any day! Our sweet new friend Rebecca reminded me that no matter what the race is or where you are, stay focused, determined and never give up!

Good job Rebecca! Girls Run the 901 are so proud of you!


  1. Oh.My.Goodness. Tears! This is awesome!

  2. She was a sweet girl! So so proud of her and her dermination!

  3. Love this story!!! :) PS- ya'll should think about starting a Pinterest account for the blog where each girl can have a board! It would be a great resource for your readers.

    1. Great idea, Sarah! We will for sure have to look into that. Thank you!