Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vacations and Running, Do they mix?

Do you run when you go on vacation? What about a business trip?

If I am on a training plan (like for a 1/2 or full marathon) I find a way to get my runs in while not in town. It make take a shuffle to your schedule, like utilizing that Hotel treadmill, but it can be done.

Recently I was on a family vacation at Disney World, and my next race was only 2 weeks away so running clothes were packed with the hopes to fit in a run or hopefully 2 while I was there.

Well...without realizing it, the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon was happening while we were there, I just about died when I found out. According to a poll from a recent post, this is on 90% of people's bucket list! How could I be there at the same time and not race?!?  (Not to mention missing the expo, oohh how I love an expo!!!!)

Well, my husband is just amazing and knows how much I have come to love running over the past 18 months, and...well... he surprised me with an entry!!! I could write for days on how amazing he is, and how supportive he has been!! There will be more posts to follow on how all of our hubs (and hubs-to-be) are amazing.

So let's be truthful, a Disney Run is unique, in that in most cases it is all about dressing up and having fun with your girlfriends versus achieving that personal record time. But even if you are running by yourself, you can surely have fun.

Pictures are a must! (Well, not really, but a Disney race is all about the experience.) This is where you have to decide to leave your time aspirations behind and just allow yourself to have fun with it. Along the course there are Disney characters available for pictures every 1/2 mile, and the wait for these pictures can be 20 minutes or longer depending on the character.

Honestly, I had a hard time mentally stopping to take pictures, so I took pictures of other people taking pictures. But after a while, I realized that some of those pictures are memories that will last a lifetime, so I lined up and...
But I am sure you don't want to see pictures just of me, so here are some of the good, the bad and the funny that I saw along those 13.1 miles:

Cinderella, Prince and a cute Rapunzel

Check out those boots!!

Men wear tutus too!!
and princess costumes, they were so much fun to run with!!
So tell me, would you stop to take pictures? 
Do you run when you take a vacation?


  1. First - I love your new header and I loved the article about you girls in Health+Fitness.
    Second - I always pack workout clothes on vacation, but I never workout. The break in routine makes it really easy for me to forget, and I'm okay with that!
    Your story about the Disney run is awesome! What a sweet husband! I would have definitely stopped for pictures. It reminded me of the Starry Nights 5k. It was fun to stop, take pictures, and merge back into the crowd. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you so much!!! We were at Starry Nights as well, we absolutely loved that race, it was so fun!! Thank you for reading, and commenting, it means so much to us! :)

  2. I did Princess as well (last year too). I only stopped for a picture in front of the castle, not for any of the characters. A Disney race is definitely an experience like no other race! What an awesome surprise!

    I always travel with running clothes and most of the time do fit in some runs while away.

    1. Nicole, thanks for commenting! Wow, you've run it twice, that is awesome. Those lines for the characters were pretty long, I couldn't believe all the people that stopped. It was a great race though, so glad to have experienced it. The support along the route was surprising, I had never seen bio freeze stations before, what a perfect idea!!

  3. I need your husband to talk to mine - I love runDisney events, what an awesome surprise!!!

    1. Thanks Kristen, he's a keeper for sure :)