Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, featuring Start 2 Finish Event Management

Try to imagine the race world without online registration, without timing chips, without road cones, no start line, no finish line, no shirt, no medal, and no posted results.

What you are left with is not a race. It's more like a group of really excited people with no sense of direction or time, possibly running very far in one direction, with more than a handful being shirtless, all   confused at what just happened and how they have nothing to show for it.

As someone who enjoys organization and schedules, that sounds more like a nightmare than anything. But thanks to Start 2 Finish, that nightmare is no reality.

Start 2 Finish is the Mid-South's top race management company. Have you ever heard of a little thing called the Memphis in May Triathlon? Or maybe the Gibson or Stars and Stripes 5Ks? These races have become Mid-South famous, and that kind of renown is nothing to scoff at. 

But what makes those races great and down-right enjoyable has a lot to do with the behind the scenes work that many runners never see. And that's a big part of what Start 2 Finish does when they call themselves a "health-oriented event management company." 

There is much more to Start 2 Finish than just the seen and unseen details that are woven together to produce a successful race. The motivation behind the company is a heart for Memphis and a heart for health. For some, the fact that the Mid-South is consistently one of the unhealthiest parts of the nation is a bragging right, but for Start 2 Finish it's a reason to be. S2F is "dedicated to breaking this dangerous downward spiral" or losing the battle to such killers as obesity and heart disease "by offering health-oriented events throughout the year. " What a life-giving mission and motivation for all of us to learn from!

The 901 girls have already chosen several S2F races to put on our race calendar, but there are many more and quite a variety of events to choose from on the S2f Event Calendar with times, dates, and descriptions listed for each event. As part of the partnership between S2F and GirlsRunthe901, we will proudly be taking part in the 2013 M-Town Race Series, which are "four of the most popular night time running events of the Memphis summer." We also plan to be involved in various ways during the MIM Triathlon weekend.

Check out the race calendar for yourselves and support the home-grown running community that S2F has helped establish. We'd love to run with you, too! Ask us about races you are considering or are unsure about, and be sure to let us know when you're running. We want to support you any way we can.

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