Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Low Down on the Dirty Girl

If you want hilarious pictures to show your friends and family that you're not afraid to be covered in who-knows-what, then the Dirty Girl Mud Run is the race for you.
The 901 girls had a great time at the Dirty Girl 5k at Shelby Farms Park over the weekend. We had a chilly 9AM start Saturday morning, wearing only our Wonder Woman costumes, but we had the privilege of running with a great wave of ladies of all levels of race experience and costume design.
After- our tutus fared the worst
The race was fun, no doubt. There was a mixture of 13 obstacles, some muddy, some mulchy, and some wet and some dry. There were mud pits and water tanks, of course, but there were also walls to climb and ropes to traverse.

It was a well organized, well staffed race, with plenty of volunteers. The majority of volunteers and staff we encountered on the race we full of energy and contagious excitement that just made the race that much more fun.

At times along the course things did get slightly dull. There were several loops and turns that really gave the feeling of being on a hamster wheel. By no means is Shelby Farms lacking in room to run, and I am no race manager myself, but as a participant, some of the segments between obstacles were a bit of a yawn.

We definitely lucked out having a supportive husband of a 901 Girl there with kids and a camera. We were slightly disappointed as we did the obstacles that there weren't race photographers around until the end. Talk about priceless photo opportunities of army crawling through a mulch pit or monkey climbing over a rope course. Those are not things I do without proof. I do not go down water slides into mud pits  on a regular basis, so when I do, I'd like a picture.

We loved the race. We had a lot of fun, and running it together only made it that much more enjoyable. Call it team building, if you will.

One little surprise those of us who ran will get to enjoy are the race shirts. I must say, way to go Dirty Girl, on making a shirt that we will actually wear. And for those who partook, the beer was a nice end to a rather tiring 5k.


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! It was great seeing you all there :-) We were asking about the photos and were told that there were no photographers there. Dirty Girl stated: "We are working on securing a photographer for our events right now but unfortunately we did not have a photographer at the event this past weekend." I'm not sure who was taking the photos at the bottom of the slide, but we would like to be able to find those! I agree, those are not things I do without proof, either! Haha :-)

    1. We were very lucky to have a supportive hubby there, but here's the link for the slide photos - http://www.colliervillephoto.com/dirty-girl-mud-run-2013/go-dirty-2013-10-11/index.htm.

  2. Looks like fun! Are you girls doing the LuvGlo April 26?

    1. We haven't really looked into it yet, but would be interested!