Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post Race Blues

By: Stacey
“It’s time … after 125 days and 565 miles of training it’s time for the final 26.2! Thanks for all the early morning runs, mid-day runs, late afternoon and one late night run! One last long run …” That was my Facebook post to Dana before our first marathon together. I was so excited, a bit nervous – but we were ready. It was a great run on a beautiful day.  We crossed the finish line and reached our goal. So why after the run was I so sad? Why after the next marathon was I so sad? And the next? And so on.
It’s been eleven days since the Little Rock Marathon and I have post-race blues again. Why? I had a great run, we laughed, we talked, we were relaxed and just had fun. I got the big bling. Why the let down? I asked the girls if they felt that way and most of them did not relate to my post-race sadness … I even got a strange look or two.  So, I googled it and found I am not crazy and other runners have it too!
It is a feeling that is common after any big goal is reached and then passed. It is not based on race performance – good or bad. It is normal after so much time and energy has been put into achieving a goal or reaching a dream. When training for any major event whether it’s a marathon, half-marathon, or your first 5k, you have spent months focusing on that on that one goal.  Most decisions you have made over the past 18-weeks have been focused around training – what to eat, when to sleep, how far to run, should I cross train, etc. Now it’s over. The goal is reached. What do you do now?
Some suggest taking some time to enjoy the areas of your life you had given up for training. Eat some thing you gave up, sleep through what would have been a long run, spend time with friends and family, take a trip, try a different workout, etc. As for me … I am looking for my next race.

What about you, do you get post-race blues? What do you look forward to after a race?


  1. I definitely know that feeling. It's just like an emptiness. That's why I have my next race planned before I even run! That way I have something to look forward to :)

    1. I agree with you, Cecilia! I always have one on the books before one is finished-keeps me motivated.