Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Rock Marathon 2013 race review

The 901 Girls headed to Little Rock this past weekend to run The Little Rock Marathon! We worked the expo (we will tell you more about that Friday) and had a blast together preparing to race! We had an interesting night of sleep the night before (deflated air mattress and all) and combined with the frigid temps we were all moving slow Sunday morning. But of course, once the race got started we were pumped and ready to RUN!! The crowd was great, the sun was shining, and nothing but miles of pavement ahead!

Debi and Jennifer headed off to conquer a new PR and Dana and Stacey were off towards the full to get the BIG medal.  Janell and Dawn got in a good pace from the beginning and hung out there and enjoyed the run.  

The first 1/2 was mostly Downtown little Rock and the sights were beautiful and the bands were great! 

Very tempting!

One of the many live bands!

Crossing the bridge-beautiful views!

We even passed the Arkansas Governor's Mansion and got a picture with Governor Mike Beebe!

Here was the split, where the half marathoners headed home and the marathoners pushed through half way!

As we were rounding towards the finish line we received our lip gloss so we would be looking our best as we crossed the finish line...and we did! 

We found Debi and Jennifer and celebrated our finish with hugs and some post race food! All that was left was to wait for the marathon girls!!

The second half of the marathon was no joke! The race description spoke the truth. There were a number of large hills at miles 14, 15, and 24-right when you are ready to call it a day!

The course was full of spectators, the band from Little Rock Central, hula hoopers (Dana may or may not have stopped to do that) and belly dancers to keep us entertained! The folks were so sweet in Little Rock they even had signs out to cheer us on!

At mile 21 there sat "The Wall!"
We said "Wall? What wall?" This was the only wall we were hitting that day. We signed the wall from GRT901 that will be displayed at the expo next year.

Well at mile 23 we decided it may be more fun to swipe a bike to finish this thing out!

They, however, did not think I was funny!

As you can see we were having a blast while taking on 26 point freaking two! We were having so much fun on the last stretch we somehow missed the lipstick station to get prettied up!

Nevertheless we took it on in and crossed the finish line!

The Little Rock Marathon was a great experience for all of us! Lots of goals were accomplished, memories made, tons of laughs, personal records and of course, the BLING! 

We highly recommend it!!


  1. Too funny!!! Congrats ladies!!!!

    and those medals! I am going to have to have one!

    1. Thank you, Meredith!!

      Yes you are! We will be cheering for you all the way!