Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: Packing for a Race

I, Janell, have never cared so much about the weather than when I am planning for a race. It's a great day when your race is finally close enough to fit in the 10 day forecast and you can start to get an idea of what the weather might be like during your run. Packing for out of town races can defiantly be tricky. With so many unknowns, it could be good in this case to over pack in order to be prepared. Weather can be unpredictable so better to be prepared than not. 

So far, the races I have done out of town have been cold weather races. I am not a very 'brave' cold weather runner, so I am sure to have layers, gloves, hat, etc. and I am always blown away a by the token guy at every race walking around with nothing but short shorts on and maybe some gloves. Gracious! 

One way I like to work through my check list is start laying out things from my head to my toes. So I will usually start with my the hair tie and hair band then move to my shirt(s), sports bra, pants/shorts/skirt, socks then shoes. Then of course all of your accessories: Glide, Garmin/watch and Road ID, water bottle if needed, and your race fuels (gels, sports beans, energy bar, etc) . Be sure not to forget important confirmations for packet pick up. For after the race, be sure to pack your foam roller and tiger balm (biofreeze, bengay-whichever you choose).  This is a great article and check list for race packing. 

Another great tip is to be prepared with your food. Don't expect anyone to have the foods you normally eat prior to a race. So, if it's a banana, peanut butter, a certain bar, bagels, be sure to bring those with you. I don't trying anything new to eat that could mess with the plan.

Having a plan and packing well for a race can help you stay focused and be in the place you need to be mentally in order to complete your race well.

What are some of your race packing tips? Any crazy race day mishaps?

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