Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Fabulous Find & HB Tune Giveaway

For this Fashion Friday, we want to share one of our absolute favorite pieces of gear...the HB Tune Phone/iPod holder.

We first discovered this awesome gear at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo. Dawn, Dana and Stacey each bought one of these holders and now won't go on a run without it. HB Tune is a uniquely designed handband that allows you to securely hold your iPod, iPhone or Smartphone firmly in your hand while you run.  It allows you to have full control of the touchscreen to text, change music playlists and keep up with your running apps.

While some people prefer to run free, aka no phone, these girls do not. Our significant others prefer we run with the added safety of having our phones so this product helps us carry our phones in a comfortable manner. The holder comes in different sizes to accommodate different models of phones and cases.  

We contacted the company a few weeks ago to tell them how much we loved their product, and after talking with them we found an opportunity to partner together at the Little Rock Marathon Expo. Since we were running the race and they had a booth at the expo, they asked us to help out in their booth selling the product that we love. Talk about a win, win situation.  We hope to work many more expos for this awesome company!!
If you want to order your own, head over to HB Tune and select from the 3 different sizes offered, and you will soon understand our love for this product.

Well guess what, we have 2 of the iPhone size cases to give away, that's right!! We are so excited about this.  To win one of these handy dandy holders answer the following question:

What has been your best find at an expo, running store, etc?

This contest ends midnight on 3/14 so enter soon and tell all your friends. 

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  1. Cool! I've never seen this! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  2. My best find was at breakaway! - a weather shield for my BOB running stroller. It keeps my sweet girl warm on cold days. :)

  3. Bondibands, for sure! Although, I really saw it here first but they were set up at the expo in Orlando for the Disney Princess Half Marathon :) My tiara one was perfect for the race!