Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Guy Runs the 901

Sunday morning we all (minus Jennifer) met at the Germantown Athletic Center to run the Germantown Half Marathon. We had a new member to our sweet man Mark!!

As I had shared with y'all in one of my earlier blogs, I began my journey of running with my husband. We both started with the Couch to 5K and moved to Bridge to 10k and he would always say he was good with that distance and had no desire to run any further. He supported and encouraged me in my training for my first half marathon little over a year ago and then shortly after, my training for my first full marathon (Chicago 2012). He would run with me on parts of my long runs, bring me water and chomps if I called but the whole time he would say I was CRAZY and would NEVER run a half marathon (or further)!!

Shortly after I got home from Chicago he said he was thinking of training to run a half marathon, and of course I said, "Your crazy!", but really I was excited to begin this journey with him!

We began training for the St.Jude 2012 race but we ran into a snag come race day. Mark is a Firefighter/EMT for the city of Memphis and needed to have someone cover part of his shift. Well, that didn't work and I ended up with the flu, so no race that day.

Germantown Half Marathon was our next try. Mark was off work and we prayed I would not get sick. So, after the first of the year we began to train again with the help Hal Higdon's half marathon training app for our phones; that led us to this past Sunday. We took off with the other girls and thousands of other runners. We had a great race, received some encouraging text from our 3 kids, felt good and finish in little over 2 hours !

I am so blessed I have such an awesome guy to be on this journey with and so proud of him!

Who knows maybe we will be training for a full? We are just CRAZY like that!!