Monday, February 4, 2013

Make It Monday: Ground Turkey and Giveaway winners

Happy Monday! 

Janell here with a quick, easy, healthy recipe.  I try to do most of my cooking on Sunday, because I find that if I don't have healthy options in the fridge, I choose non-healthy, fast ones. This is something that I like to have on hand and is very versatile. I keep the ground turkey mixture in the a tupperware and then use it in a number of different ways throughout the week.

Here is the recipe:

1 pound ground turkey
1 tbsp coconut oil
1/3 cup frozen, chopped onion (I use this option because I feel like I am going to loose an eyeball or two  when I chop onion)
1 tsp minced garlic
Sea salt, pepper, ground tumeric, and cumin to taste

Put the coconut oil in the pan and let warm, add onion and garlic and cook until transparent. Add ground turkey, salt, pepper, tumeric, cumin and brown.

And that is it! How simple! This is a staple that can be used in a whole wheat tortilla, on a taco salad, with steamed veggies and some brown rice,  in soup, but my favorite way is with salsa and guacamole.

Now, I can eat my share in chips, salsa and guacamole, but this is a great way to get the flavor without all the calories. I put 4-6 oz of ground turkey and about a 1/2 cup of this delicious salsa: Jack's Salsa  from Costco (a post on how much I love Costco to come soon!) and a 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole (found near the bagged salads in the produce section), heat it all up together and enjoy a delicious lunch. The 100 calorie packs are a great way to portion out the guacamole-and they are delish! Salsa is one of those things that you can use more of, which adds flavor, for about 10 calories for 2 tablespoons! Enjoy!

Now to announce the winner in the giveaway from the weekend-check out the video below. We loved seeing all of your super cute pictures from how you got out and got active this weekend! Thank you!

The winners are Anna Toldi and Angela Brunson! Congratulations!

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