Thursday, February 14, 2013

For the LOVE of Running...

For the LOVE of running, why did someone not tell me...
(Dana and Jennifer's Top 10 things we wish someone had told us before we started running.)

10. Don't ever count on looking good in race pictures. You got your medal. That's all the proof you need. (Although some of us try!)

9. Bodily functions happen. Whether it's snot rockets, spits, or bathroom break in the woods, your comfort level of what you do in public can quickly change.

8. Sometimes, your long run is all you will do that day...unless you're Superwoman.

7. Listen to your body. It can tell you all kinds of things.

6. Shoes matter!

5. You can chafe anywhere. Anywhere. Vaseline it. Glide it.

4. Shin splints. I promise you're legs aren't falling off. Progress slowly.

3. Toenails, who needs them? Say goodbye to the prospects of being a foot model.

2. Eat your major carb-load marathon meal TWO nights before the big race. No one likes to wake up and run with that in their belly.

1. Your mind  will give up before your legs do, dont let it! Running is just as much mental as it physical!

 And whether you're excited about Valentine's Day or you can't wait to come out of hiding when it's over, we hope this will make you smile:


  1. Fun article. Thanks for making me laugh! Here's one I wish someone told me before i started running...Hearing the Dr. say you can't run for six to eight weeks will hurt more than the injury itself. Who knew running would make the difference between a good day and a bad day.

    1. Thank you, so glad to hear you liked it. Oh that is so true!!! Hope you are feeling better now or that those weeks go by quickly so that you can be back out there.