Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Where to get what to wear!

 Ok, so you have decided to run. You have downloaded the app, made a playlist, joined a running group, dragged your BFF into this with you, have a 5K in site - now the big question (and possibly most important) “What in the world am I going to wear?” 

Hello, my name is Stacey and I am addicted to running clothes (and other gear). If I could wear my Asics, Nike shorts, and a race tee every day, I would be the happiest person ever! So, on this Fashion Friday I want to share with you about a few cool places to get some great gear 
right here in the 901.

I will start with the stores in town that are all about running!!  These are the places that are owned by runners, staffed by runners, and are there for runners.

Breakaway Running

2 Locations: 1997 Union Avenue, Memphis | 901.722.8797
1223 S. Germantown Road, Germantown | 901.754.8254 | Both stores open 7-days a week

Locally Owned (Memphis Exclusive)

Breakaway is a one stop shop for everything running – high-quality performance shoes (Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike, etc.), apparel (Northface, Brooks, Moving Comfort, etc.), nutrition items, and accessories for the beginning walker to the experienced runner. My personal fav are their cute running shirts pertaining to the 901 (the inspiration behind our blog name)! Their employees ARE runners! That’s what makes them so good at providing any running enthusiast with expert advice.

Other perks:
      Breakaway performs the free foot and video gait analysis and strives to fit you in just the right shoe. Their store policy is “if the shoe does not work for you, come back and we will take care of you with an exchange or even a special order.”

They offer FREE group runs on Mondays (downtown), Tuesdays (UofM track house), Wednesdays (Wolf River Trail), Wednesdays (Beginners Runs @ Wolf River Location) | Thursdays (Midtown), and a St. Jude Half/Full marathon training program

Connect with Breakaway -  Facebook| Twitter 

Fleet Feet

4530 Poplar Avenue #102, Memphis | 901.761.0078 | open 7-days a week

Locally Owned Franchise

Fleet Feet offers just about anything a runner (or walker) could possibly want and some things they never knew they needed!  They offer a wide variety of shoes (a ton of sizes and widths), apparel from all the big names (Asics, Nike, Brooks), sports bras, head gear, compression products, foam rollers, heart rate monitors, insoles, Gu, Nuun, Clif Blox/Shots, socks, Strollers (Baby Joggers, BOB, etc.), watches, distance systems, and books about running! They have a stash of cute marathon and half marathon tees too! These gear hounds have it all, know about it all, and have tested it all!

Other perks:
Fleet Feet will put you on a treadmill (if you are comfortable with that) in the store and watch you run – then help you pick out the best shoe for the way you run! ( I love their slogan – “If the shoe fits, it probably came from Fleet Feet”) It only takes about 20 minutes and no appointment is necessary. (Read all about it on their website or check it out in the store)

They also offer FREE running groups on Monday nights (Recovery Run, 3-7 miles) and Thursday nights (Speed Workout) and training programs for several of Memphis’ 5Ks and Half Marathons.

Connect with Fleet Feet: Facebook  Follow them: Twitter

6126 Poplar Avenue, Memphis | 901.537.1802 | Open 7-days A Week
Lululemon carries fashionable, quality apparel for yoga and running. Although it does not carry all things running … it carries many things cute things to run in! Check out their new location in the Regalia. (On any given day, you might run into Dana there!)
You can find them on Facebook

Let me close by saying there are several other stores in town where you can find some great deals on running gear but I chose to highlight those targeted for runners because they have the best knowledge of all things running (especially shoes). But once you find your favorites and you know what fits you the best, then snag up some cute stuff around town at other great places like Target, Old Navy, Kinnucan’s, Outdoors Inc., Sports Authority, Dicks, Nike Outlet (Elvis Presley Blvd/Raines Road), etc. Several stores have mailing lists which will send you coupons and updates on sale items!

Just saw this … Sports Authority has a coupon through 2/9/13 for 20% off your entire order – print it online at!!

Oh, one last plug for the running store … it’s a great place to find out about upcoming races in the 901 (and other places slightly outside the 901)!!

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