Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday: Skirts Are Not For Sissys and the Road ID giveaway winner

Sorry guys, this post is for women only! We are about to talk about how to look super cute when you are out there pounding the pavement!  Women's running gear has come a long way. Not sure about you but I am super happy about that! We make ourselves look presentable when we go to work, out on the town (ok I don't do that anymore), dinner, movies, kids to the park, why not when you are out there rocking your run?  

All of the girls of the 901 appreciate fashionable work out gear and I, Dana, especially love running skirts!  It's all about feeling good about yourself when you are out there and if I'm going to run 26 point freaking two then I've got to feel as good as I can!

Wearing a running skirt can make you look and feel super cute, fashionable, and oh so girly... but do not let this skirt fool you! Skirts are not for sissys! 
They are for the strong women owning their run!  

Here are a few of our favorites:  

 This skirt is from Lululemon Athletica. It  was made for those long strides.  One of the best features of this skirt is the built in shorts that stay put when you run or are picking up the pace because they have a sticky elastic hem... and look at those ruffles! This skirt also has pockets galore to hold all your needs from keys to race snacks.  Visit their store in Regalia in Memphis or straight from their website.


This cutie comes from Running Skirts.  It has these super fun capris under the skirt that has a no chafe feature. That is key, plus you get to wear a skirt even on those cooler days or just those days you want to cover those legs.  It also has the built in pocket, but the best thing about this skirt is it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not "Skirt Satisfied!" How cool is that? Check them out at

I am very partial to this skirt, simply because I have run all 3 of my marathons in this bad boy! They have built in compression shorts with a sweat wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable.  This skirt also has a back zip pocket for small items.  This skirt can be found at most athletic stores that sell Nike like Sports Authority  Dicks, Fleet Feet and Breakaway.  You can always shop Nike online at

Again these were just a few favorites, but there is a whole world of running skirts out there. Find one that fits your personalty and style.  Have fun with your running attire and happy shopping! Oh and one more thing... even Super Woman wore a skirt... find your strong!

And now, the winner of this week's Road ID giveaway: Jesse Cohen who answered what his dream race would be with:
"The Antarctic Ice Marathon ( Hands down, no questions."

Congratulations, Jesse! 


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