Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday - MVP

In team sports there is a MVP (Most Valuable Player), but with running, it's all you. So for today's Fashion Friday post, we wanted to share with you our Most Valued Piece of Gear MVPG.  These are items that we will not run without.

For Dana, the foam roller is her IT Band's best friend. (She may or may not wear her make-up while she's taking care of those muscles.)
For Dawn, it's her Bandi Belt. This nifty item holds all her favorite accessories including gum, Chapstick, chomps, and her phone.
Jennifer prefers not to run with "accessories"  so for her its her Nike dri-fit sports bra.
Now for Stacey, it's her phone because it has her running app (Nike +) and her music. In her words, "Psychologically I can't run without music and seriously, why run if you will have no official record of it!"
Janell's favorite item is this water bottle, mostly because it holds so many necessities in addition to her phone. There's a hidden pocket in the back and it holds two GUs too. 
And lastly, Debi can't run without anti-chafing cream (sorry, had to go there), and since this brand comes with samples that are small enough to carry on a run, this is her favorite.
So there you have it, our MVPG. 

What is your all time Most Valuable Piece of Gear?  We'd love to hear about it.


  1. Do I have to pick just one? if I had to I guess it would be my phone as well. For safety reasons and my music.
    In the summer you won't catch me without my Nathan Water bottle and in the winter(and even summer days too) I love my Bondi Bands!

    1. Totally agree, there are so many favs to choose from, our list could go on and on :)

  2. So many options! But I love my Tuneband arm strap for my iPhone. The band is super stretchy and adjustable. I can wear it over my bare arm without hurting my skin, or adjust it to fit over several layers when it's cold.